Sexy underwear girls passionate flat chest

Sexy underwear girls passionate flat chest

Sexy underwear girls passionate flat chest

In modern society, the outer beauty of the figure is valued by many women, especially the breasts that highlight the female curve.However, not every woman has a perfect chest.Some women are inherently too small in their breasts, or their breasts have not developed because of family genes.At this time, wearing suitable sexy underwear can visually increase the chest shape and make women more confident.This article will introduce how sexy underwear increases the visual effect of flat -breasted women from multiple aspects.

1. Improve chest lines

Women with flat chest can choose some sexy underwear with three -dimensional tailoring, such as empty cups or 3/4 cups.These styles will add a sponge under the chest to hold the chest to make the chest lines more three -dimensional.In addition, the broadband of the back can also help improve the chest, and improve the distribution of the back meat, making the body curve more beautiful.

2. Use the suitable thickened type

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Thicked sexy underwear can enhance the three -dimensional feeling of the chest, pull the distance from the chest, and simultaneously fill in the proper position to create a natural chest shape.These sexy underwear combined with the female body curve gives people visually shocking, and it will not make people feel exaggerated or unnatural.Suitable materials and mats can make up for the defects of the chest and make the chest shape look beautiful and healthy.

3. Use V -neck or U -neck design

V -neck or U -neck design has a V -shaped or U -shaped tailoring line at the neckline part. It will focus on the area of people’s eyes through experiments that will be focused on the neck and chest. It will be more effective for the matching.Women can choose to wear jewelry or necklace as embellishment to enhance visual effects.

4. Combine the shoulder straps to adjust the position of the chest shape

The height of the shoulder strap can affect the position and shape of the chest. For example, the shoulder strap can be raised, which can raise the chest upward, and at the same time, it can also enhance the tissue of the upper chest to form a more perfect chest shape and curve.Adjust the size and width of the shoulder strap can also be emphasized and beautified according to individual needs, so that the effect of wearing sexy underwear is better.

5. Add style elements

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can consider adding some style elements or patterns, which can highlight the charm and characteristics of women’s personal.For example, with some cute or simple styles, or choosing some layered patterns and patterns, women can make women more confident in sexy underwear.

6. Use color sexy underwear

Using colorful sexy underwear can also create visual chest fullness, such as yellow, red, purple and other bright colors. These colors can make people’s eyes more attractive to these areas, and it can also increase the beauty of sexy underwear.

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7. Choose lace, yarn and other materials

Soft materials such as lace and yarn can create a softer atmosphere, and it is easier to highlight the beauty of women, making the chest look fuller.These soft materials can achieve the perspective effect of sexy underwear, which is more sexually and interesting.

8. Choose sexy underwear with the right size

The most important thing is to choose sexy underwear suitable for your own size.If the sexy underwear is too small or too large, it may affect the shape of the chest.Therefore, women must choose a suitable size when choosing sexy underwear, and try a few more times to ensure good dressing effects.


When choosing a sexy underwear, women must not only choose sexy underwear suitable for their active strength and style, but also to choose the size and style that is best for their figure.In addition to some of the skills and methods mentioned above, personal confidence, their own habits, and physical health are all factors that affect the beauty of the chest.Pay attention to physical health and adhere to moderate exercise. The above method of choosing sexy underwear will eventually show a beautiful visual effect.