Sexy underwear Hanfu Patriotic Ms.

Sexy underwear Hanfu Patriotic Ms.

Sexy underwear Hanfu Patriotic Ms. -Let your love continues the popularity

As a landscape on the Internet, sexy underwear has risen rapidly in the changing fashion trend.In recent years, Hanfu and see -through outfits have become popular design elements in the fashion industry. The combination of the two has become a sexual pivot view of the sexy underwear.

1. Hanfu style -the perfect fusion of classical and sexy

Hanfu, as one of the representatives of traditional Chinese culture, has become a dream in the hearts of many women with its delicate and gorgeous details.The integration of Hanfu elements into sexy underwear can not only reflect the tenderness of women, but also show the strong sexy of women on behalf of women.With a trace of classic atmosphere, women’s elegant temperament can be perfectly displayed.

2. Perspective design -sexy temptation is everywhere

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Perspective clothing, generally refers to the transparent part of the clothing, so that the sight can see the skin through the clothes.This design shows the sexy and temptation of women very directly, making women more confident and attractive.In the design of sexy underwear, the perspective part is often paired with silk, lace and other materials, so that women’s sexy is displayed.

Third, design elements -streaming, lotus leaf edges and golden line embroidery

The application of Hanfu elements needs to consider various details.Design elements such as Liusu, lotus leaf edges and golden line embroidery are one of the very common elements of the sexual perspective view of the sex underwear.Golden line embroidery makes the details more exquisite and gorgeous, while tassel and ruffled edges add sexy feeling.These details make the appearance more beautiful, delicate, and more feminine.

Fourth, fabric material -silk, lace, mesh, etc.

Fabric materials also play a vital role.Silk, lace, net yarn, etc. are common fabric materials used by ladies used by ladies.These materials feel soft and comfortable, wearing comfortable silk and softness.For example, the silk material instantly allows women to exude an elegant atmosphere, while lace and mesh material are more sexy and attractive.

Five, color matching -gold, black, red become the mainstream

The color matching and material style of the sex of the Hanfu Ge & Seing Patriarch of the Hanfu of the Fun underwear also need to consider the needs of women, and at the same time, it is necessary to consider the trend appropriately.The mainstream color matching is gold, black, red, etc., white and pink can also be combined in it.This combination is more suitable for the aesthetic needs of modern women.

6. Size and closeness -key details

Each woman’s body is unique, so the size and personal degree of sexy underwear should also be unique.Too big discomfort, too small, can easily lead to discomfort, and the degree of personality will directly affect the comfort of wearing.Regarding the adjustment of the size and closeness, it should be carried out according to the actual situation to make it more proper and comfortable.


Seven, size selection -offer professional suggestions

The choice of sexy underwear size is the key to the follow -up experience.It is recommended to customize it first so that the size can be accurate to achieve the most comfortable body.If you choose to buy the standard code, it is recommended to compare the size tables provided by the brand with your own wearing size.This can ensure the most comfortable when wearing.

8. Dress occasion -wear at appropriate time

Fun underwear Hanfu Patriotic Ms. Woman is wearing in special occasions.This dress needs to be particularly careful and requires women to wear it where no one is.It is best to wear a vacation with the lover, a private sex party, and a nightclub at night.


The appearance of the sexual see -through view of the sexy underwear Hanfu provides women with a beautiful and absolutely sexy dressing experience.However, it is necessary to consider carefully in size, personal degree, and wear occasion to meet the needs of women.As long as this, a sexy and charming dressing experience will start between you and your partner.