Sexy underwear is average

Sexy underwear is average

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With the increasing popularity of sexy underwear, people have richer their styles, brands, and materials, but there is a problem that we need to pay attention, that is, sex underwear is average.Today, we will interpret this topic from various angles.

1. What is the average code

The average code refers to the sexy underwear that is adapted to a certain range of body size after a certain technical processing.For example, S, M, L, XL, etc. are all wearable sexy underwear, which is a kind of uniform sexy underwear.

2. The benefits of the average code

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The average sexy underwear is designed to meet the customer’s needs for freedom.They are not only suitable for women of different body size, but they also save the sizes needed for choosing clothes when buying.In addition, the ingredients of the average sexy underwear are more elastic materials, which enhances comfort.

3. Insufficient code

However, the average sexy underwear also has its deficiencies.On the one hand, they will be sacrificed in terms of length, waist circumference, etc., for some people with a slightly larger or slightly small figure, wearing will not seem to fit enough, affecting beauty.On the other hand, in order to adapt to different body size, manufacturers will reduce their material quality, reduce their cost, and decrease quality.

4. Applicable crowd

The average sexy underwear is widely used. Based on the figure or the personality as the standard, it can find the right product in it.In particular, the trendy culture has gradually risen, and even people with a slightly different figure can wear different personalities.

5. Factors

There are many influencing factors of the average sexy underwear, such as body, material, brand, etc.At the same time, for different people, the average sexy underwear will be different.For example, a moderate and short -length average sexy underwear is favored by more and more people.

6. Buy suggestion

When buying a common code sexy underwear, it is recommended to first understand your body size and pay attention to its materials and brands.This allows you to have a certain degree of clarity when buying, and prevent choosing products that are not suitable for you.

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7. Maintenance method

It is also necessary for the maintenance of the uniform sexy underwear. Be careful not to dry it casually, it is best to wash it by hand, and beware of its fading and deformation.In addition, keep dry and prevent mildew.

8. Personalized requirements

If you have a high personalization requirements for the average sexy underwear, you can choose to customize underwear.Custom underwear allows you to have a product that is more suitable for your body, and it will not be pulled down in quality.In this way, it will be more comfortable and convenient to wear.


In short, the average sexy underwear is a convenient and comfortable choice, and it also allows more people to choose a product that suits them.However, it also has its limitations, and it will also be different in material and quality.Therefore, when purchasing, consider factors such as body, material, quality, and deep understanding of your personalized needs.