Sexy underwear model recruitment WeChat

Sexy underwear model recruitment WeChat

Recruitment of sexy underwear model

With the continuous expansion of the sexy underwear market, more excellent sexy underwear models need to be recruited to display various styles and attract more customers.If you have a beautiful body and confident temperament, welcome to join our team and become a sexy underwear model.

Job Responsibilities

As a sexy underwear model, you need to have a self -confidence and sexy temperament to show the beauty and sexy of sexy underwear.Specific responsibilities include trial, performance, shooting, and displaying sexy lingerie, attracting consumers’ attention.

job requirements

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1. The age is between 18-35 years old, and the body is well-proportioned and height is above 160cm.

2. With confident, sexy temperament and expression, love sexy lingerie.

3. Strong communication ability, strong expression and communication ability, and actively show customers’ sexy lingerie and provide professional services.

4. With certain makeup and beauty knowledge, make up and dress up according to different occasions and situations.


The salary of sexy underwear models is high. According to factors such as work duration, location and work content, we will provide competitive compensation in the industry, so that you can also obtain sufficient income while showing the beauty.


We provide complete welfare benefits for sexy underwear models, including social security, accommodation, diet and health checkups, etc., to ensure that your work and life can be properly guaranteed.In addition, we will regularly provide you with training to improve your professional ability and performance ability.

Application method

Fetish Wear

Friends who are interested in hiring sexy underwear models can contact us through WeChat or telephone to submit personal resumes and recent photos.Our staff will contact you for the first time and arrange interview opportunities.During the interview, you need to wear appropriate sexy underwear to show personal charm.

risk warning

Interest underwear models are a profession that requires high confidence and expressiveness. At the same time, we must also pay attention to protecting personal privacy and image.Before applying, please read the relevant systems and regulations carefully and evaluate your ability and risks reasonably.


Recruitment of sexy underwear models is a career with both challenges and opportunities. If you have a confident and beautiful appearance and expression, welcome to join our team to let more people agree and encourage sexy underwear culture to show beauty.