Sexy underwear odor

Sexy underwear odor

Why does sex underwear produce odor?

Interest underwear is a special underwear that helps sex more interesting and exciting.They are usually made of different materials, such as lace, silk, leather, etc., and different materials may lead to the production of odor.

Question 1: How to prevent the odor of sexy underwear?

Preventive prevention is the focus. You should choose a brand with good reputation when buying sexy underwear and understand its material components.You should also soak it in water when using new underwear, and then dry it in a cool and ventilated place.In addition, avoid exposing sex underwear directly to the sun as much as possible.

Question 2: How to remove the odor on sexy underwear?

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If your sexy underwear starts to produce a odor, take action immediately.It can be cleaned with conventional detergents or designed for underwear.Check the washing label carefully before washing to understand the cleaning suggestions.In addition, adding natural fresh agents such as lemon, leaves or tea tree oil can effectively remove odor.

Question 3: What method should each material use to remove the odor?

The sexy underwear of different materials needs to be cleaned and removed by different methods.

Lace erotic underwear: Use mild detergent to avoid using pollutants.Do not dry directly in the sun.

Silk erotic underwear: uses detergent specially designed for silk, washed gently in warm water, and then dried in a cool and ventilated place.

Leather sex lingerie: uses cleaning agents specifically for leather products, and avoid exposing it in the sun.After use, you can apply a layer of leather to protect oil to maintain its quality.

Question 4: How to prevent sexy underwear from smelling?

You can use adsorption cleaning agents with adsorption effects when storing sexy underwear and store them in dry and ventilated places.Avoid storing underwear storage, which will reduce its quality and increase the possibility of odor.

Question 5: What should I pay attention to when choosing the material of sex underwear?

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The selection of materials when you buy sexy underwear can directly affect their odor production.Therefore, please select good ventilation and environmentally friendly materials, such as 100 % cotton and silk to avoid chemical ingredients and artificial fiber options.

Question 6: How to clean up sexy underwear correctly?

In order to avoid the taste of sexy underwear, you should clean it in accordance with the correct cleaning method.Please use cold or warm water (about 30 degrees Celsius) and avoid using a hard brush and bleaching agent.At the same time, do not use a dryer or any heating equipment to dry sexy underwear.

Question 7: Does the taste of fun underwear affect health?

If the odor of sex underwear is not cleaned in time, it may affect your health, especially for women, which may cause problems such as vaginal infections.Therefore, please deal with the odor on the sexy underwear in time.

Question 8: How to determine the frequency of cleanliness underwear?

The frequency of cleaning of sex underwear depends on the frequency and situation it uses.We recommend that we try to clean it at each use.If the underwear feels humid or touches in use, it should be cleaned in time.

Question 9: How to storage of interesting underwear correctly?

Interest underwear needs to be placed in a dry, cool and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight or humid places. At the same time, it is not recommended to stack the sexy underwear to avoid leaving smell.

Question 10: What should I pay attention to when sharing sexy underwear?

Share sex underwear is a very dangerous behavior, which is easy to spread or bacteria, and causes odor.We recommend not to share sexy underwear, everyone should have their own underwear.

in conclusion:

How to prevent and remove the odor on sexy underwear is a question that we should all pay attention to.Correct cleaning methods and storage methods can reduce the production of bad smells, and also help extend the life of sexy underwear.Of course, the correct material selection is also an important step to avoid odor.Only by treating sexy underwear correctly can our sexual life be more interesting and safer.