Sexy underwear of sailor uniforms

Sexy underwear of sailor uniforms

Sailor uniform sexy underwear, the favorite of crew members

Sailor uniform is a very popular sexy underwear, and its special design makes people like it.This erotic underwear allows you to enjoy at your intimate moment, as if starting a beautiful and romantic range.

Style and color

Sailor -style sexy underwear usually includes three parts: headdress, top and skirt.Among them, the top part of the top is usually tightly designed, highlighting the figure, and the skirt part is designed with a short design to show the leg curve.Colors are usually classic navy blue, red and white, making your sexy style more colorful.

What are suitable

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Sailor uniform sexy underwear is very suitable for a shape to reveal in family life and role -playing.Especially in important festivals such as Valentine’s Day, birthday, and wedding anniversary, wearing sailor uniforms sexy underwear to present a strong sexy for your other half, it is unforgettable.

Which body is suitable

The design of sailor uniforms is relatively tight, which can show the lines and curves of the figure.Its style is suitable for most body figures, especially those with full waist and lower abdomen, which can play a good waist and hip lifting effect.

Way of wear

Pay attention to wearing a sailor uniforms to wear reversal, pay attention to the processing of details, and ensure the overall comfort.It is recommended to try it first before forming a formal dress to complete the adjustment to ensure perfection.

How to match

Sailor uniforms can be paired with high heels, which can show the leg curve and tall figure.In addition, it can be paired with high -quality pantyhose and gloves, which can add a sense of high level.

How to maintain

The maintenance of sailor uniforms needs attention to the maintenance of underwear, and avoid washing with other clothes to avoid washing machine cleaning.It is recommended to wash and use a neutral detergent for cleaning, and finally use the dryer to dry at low temperature.


Price range

The price of this type of sex underwear is relatively high. According to different brands, styles and quality differences, the price ranges from hundreds to thousands of yuan.It is recommended to choose a style suitable for your own style and buy a suitable price range.

Representatives of style and personality

The classic design and unique shape of the sailor uniform sexy underwear has become a style that many women want to try.This erotic underwear shows the world’s sexy and leisure, and the perfect balance between formality with the game.


Sailor uniform sexy underwear is a type of underwear style that attracts eye -catching. It is one of the essential styles of every sexy attemptor.Regardless of your figure or personality style, you can show your charm through this erotic underwear.Come and try!