Sexy underwear on the chest

Sexy underwear on the chest


Sexy underwear is a kind of clothing necessary for modern women to self -confidence and beauty, and the sexy lingerie of the chest is the best choice to enhance women’s confidence.

Stroke sexy underwear

The design of strap -style sexy underwear in the chest is bundled with thin band to slow down the sagging of the chest, making the chest more plump and upright.Wearing strap -style sexy underwear can easily show sexy collarbone and shoulder lines.

Chest -holding sexy underwear

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The chest -holding sexy underwear has a built -in chest pad. According to the ergonomic design, the chest is concentrated and improved through the pressure of tightness, showing a more three -dimensional and fuller breasts.

Non -marked chest sticker

The non -trace breast paste is a sexy underwear that is directly attached to the skin. It can not only implant the chest invisible, but also avoid the chest lines from running under the clothes, making the chest look more natural and more beautiful.


The bra is a sexy underwear that integrates the bra and the bottom pants together. The design of the body close to the body can make the chest more upright and more gathering. At the same time, it can also cover the small flaws of the lower body.

Triangular sexy underwear

Triangular sexy underwear is a choice for women who originally have plump breasts. Its design can improve the floating degree of the chest, which makes the chest look more beautiful.

V -type sexy underwear

The V -type sex underwear has obvious downward -press designs, so that the naturally drooping breasts can be improved and more upright and sexy.

Fetish Wear

No Steel Todgle Paper

The main characteristic of the non -steel -free underwear is that there is no traditional bra steel ring, but the wide -bottomed chest strap at the bottom can greatly improve the fixing of the chest, so that the chest is no longer drooping, and it looks firmer.

Put -up sexy underwear

The built -in pengers of the padding underwear can be adjusted through the need to adjust the size and make the chest more three -dimensional and full.

Lace sexy underwear

The use of lace sexy underwear is a kind of light underwear. The use of lace embroidery, bow and other details can not only beautify the shape, but also slow down the sagging of the chest, and also show the charm of the chest.

Sexy vests Connect underwear

The design of the sexy vest and fun underwear is different from ordinary erotic underwear in the shape of the chest lines. It uses velvet fabrics to be comfortable and better fit the chest, show the sexy and charming back lines, and highlight the beauty of the chest.


Different types of erotic underwear have their own characteristics for different figures and different women’s needs.Choosing the right sexy underwear can enhance women’s self -confidence and show more charming charm.