Sexy underwear outdoor jungle

Sexy underwear outdoor jungle: an extraordinary experience

Interest underwear is no longer just a private occasion, and now it has become a fashion item for home, outdoor, and even gathering.Therefore, what I want to share today is my sexy lingerie outdoor jungle experience.


In outdoor activities, wearing requirements are relatively high, so pay attention to comfort, breathability, and easy exercise when choosing sexy underwear.Usually, I will choose sporty sexy lingerie and lace sexy underwear. The material will choose the fabric of sweat absorption and dry.

Precautions before departure

Before departure, you must evaluate your physical condition and do a good warm -up exercise.In addition, pay attention to some necessary items such as sun protection, prepare charging treasures, sufficient water, etc.

Choose the right venue

The choice of outdoor jungle venue is very important. Choose a place where there will be no many people passing by while avoiding entering the restricted area.If it is the first outdoor jungle, it is recommended to choose near the scenic area. There are few people and beautiful environment, which can better relax.

Pay attention to people’s flow

When choosing a venue, it is best to avoid places with excessive traffic, so as not to be peeping by audiences outside the field.If you have to choose a venue with a large traffic, you must find the quiet and hidden corner as much as possible and make some quiet fun.

Take pictures

Outdoor jungle can leave beautiful memories. It is recommended to bring a camera or mobile phone to take a beautiful moment for yourself and friends.At the same time, you need to pay attention to the privacy protection during taking pictures. Do not shoot other people’s faces.


Outdoor cannot be as comfortable as home, but the hygiene of the field field also needs to pay attention to. It is best to choose a relatively clean and tidy place. At the same time, you can bring a cushion for yourself to avoid directly contacting the ground.

Exercise and relaxation

Outdoor jungle must exercise both the body and relax.When exercising, rest and drink water appropriately. At the same time, pay attention to protecting the chest to prevent severely shaking and hurting the breast when galloping.When you do not exercise, you can also try to play and leisure to make yourself happier.

End and clean up

After entertainment, we must organize personal items in time and properly handle garbage to avoid affecting environmental hygiene.At the same time, check the physical condition, whether there are injuries, etc., and beware of excessive physical injury.

my point of view

Outdoor jungle is a very interesting form of sexy underwear. It not only meets its visual needs, but also can experience some different dimensions.But pay attention to self -protection and protect the natural environment.I hope everyone can try this experience.

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