Sexy underwear retro Hanfu

Sexy underwear retro Hanfu

Background introduction

With the continuous progress of society, the style of sexy underwear has emerged endlessly, and various styles are involved.And this year’s retro Hanfu style sexy underwear has been sought after by many women.

The characteristics of retro Han clothing sexy underwear

Retro Hanfu style erotic underwear often uses traditional Hanfu design elements, such as standing collar, latter -knee skirt, pair of plackets, etc., and cleverly integrate sexy elements, such as hollow, perspective, etc., showing women’s charm and beauty.

Suitable crowd

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Retro Hanfu style sexy underwear is suitable for women who like traditional culture and pursue sexy.This kind of sexy underwear has neither the elegant temperament, but also shows the elegant figure of women.

Material selection

I chose a retro Hanfu style sexy underwear, and the choice of material is particularly important.Commonly used materials are silk, chiffon, cotton, lace, etc., which need to be selected according to personal skin and comfort.

Selection of color

The choice of color is also very important.Retro Hanfu’s sexy underwear is mainly based on the simple and simple colors, such as dark green, Tibetan green, coffee, etc. These colors not only create elegant classic temperament for women, but also better highlight women’s skin tone.

With suggestions

Retro Hanfu style erotic underwear can be worn as daily underwear, or it can be worn with outside.If you want to create a charm of a classic nobleman, you can choose to match a long skirt or trousers.If you want to highlight the sexy side, you can choose to match the medium -length jacket or short top.


Retro Hanfu’s sexy underwear has a certain particularity in maintenance.You need to wash it with hand, and you cannot use a washing machine to avoid damage to sexy underwear.At the same time, pay attention to avoid using bleaching powder and bleaching water. Direct sunlight and exposure can not be used when drying.

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Brand recommendation

Many brands on the market have launched retro -style sexy underwear.For example, domestic Ley Chun, ZIVAME, foreign Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, etc.These brands of sexy underwear design styles are different, and they can be selected according to personal preferences.

Price choice

The price of different brands and different materials has different prices.Some big brands have a high price of sexy underwear, suitable for women with economic strength.However, there are also some niche brands’ sexy underwear, which are relatively low in price, which can meet the needs of some women with insufficient budget.

The way to promote

Although retro Hanfu’s sexy underwear has been sought after by many women, the promotion method is relatively conservative due to the influence of traditional cultural aesthetics.The main promotion method is to post publicity photos and videos on social media, or attract people’s attention through offline brand activities.

in conclusion

In short, retro Hanfu style sexy underwear is a very distinctive product, especially suitable for women who like traditional culture and sexy.When selecting, pay attention to material selection, color selection, matching suggestions, maintenance methods and price selection.You can choose some well -known brands or niche brands to buy, so as to create your own unique style.