Sexy underwear salesperson movie South Korea

Sexy underwear salesperson movie South Korea

The image of the sexy lingerie of Korean movies

The role of sexy underwear sellers often appears in Korean movies.These salesperson always dresses sexy and comes from the models, selling sexy underwear to the protagonist with affectionate eyes.So what is the difference between these images and actual sexy lingerie salespersons?

1. Sexy dress

The sexy lingerie seller in the movie is exposed and sexy.In fact, the sellers of sex underwear stores are more considering comfort and practicality.In addition to the demonstration wearing during the sales, it is not different from ordinary clothing.

2. Performance actor

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The sexy lingerie seller in the movie is usually a professional actor.The actual sellers in the sexy underwear shop are not professional actors, but they also need to have certain communication skills and sales skills.

3. Sexy underwear style and type

Salers in the movie in the movie can always promote various styles and types of sexy underwear.In actual situations, the salesperson will recommend suitable styles and types for consumer needs and body types.

4. The purpose and motivation of the salesperson

The sexy lingerie seller in the movie is often depicted as an image with hinting and seductivity, with the purpose of guiding the protagonist to perform sexual behavior.The purpose of the actual salesperson is to meet the needs of consumers and provide high -quality services.

5. Store and environment

Movies often depict sex underwear shops as mysterious and ambiguous places.In actual situations, the storefront and environment of the sex underwear store is not much different from ordinary clothing stores.

6. Consumption method

The protagonist in the movie often buys sexy products in sex underwear shops.Actual consumers are often willing to buy sex products online to avoid embarrassment when shopping in physical stores.

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7. Applicable objects for sexual products

In the movie, love underwear is often regarded as a toy between husband and wife.In actual situations, the applicable objects of these supplies are not only couples, but also applicable to single people.

8. The type and material of the massage stick

The massage sticks in the movie are often depicting exquisite appearance and small jade.In actual situations, there are many types and materials of massage sticks. You need to choose according to the user’s personal preferences and body types.

9. The effect of sexy underwear on sex life

In the movie, sexy underwear is often described as a "artifact" that can change sexual life.In the actual situation, the satisfaction of sexual life comes from the communication and understanding of husband and wife, and relying on sexual products alone cannot solve the fundamental problems.

10. Summary

Although there are many exaggerated and distorted places in Korean movies, this has also created a beautiful and imaginative world for people.From it, we can understand that sexual life cannot only rely on the satisfaction of sex products, and more is to communicate and understand each other between husbands and wives.