Sexy underwear sexy men wear

Sexy underwear sexy men wear

The sexy charm of sexy underwear is no longer just a woman’s exclusive. Men can also wear sexy sexy underwear in fashion matching, showing amazing dressing taste.In this article, I will introduce you to the secrets and skills of sexy men’s sexy men’s dresses.

1. Decoration details

The decorative details of sexy underwear are an important element that attracts eyeballs.Exquisite lace, sequins, tassel and other elements can make underwear more sexy, and men can show charm.However, men are more suitable for choosing simple decorative designs to avoid the effect of too sissy.

2. Tailoring design

The appropriate tailoring design can show the body of men and highlight the thoracic muscles and hip lines.The tailoring of the underwear should meet the proportion of men’s body to avoid excessive fit or too large.At the same time, there are some special underwear styles, such as pants -like underwear, while emphasizing the figure, it also gives men sexy.

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3. Color selection

The color of sexy underwear is mainly black and red, because black and red can bring mysterious and sexy feelings.In addition, dark blue, purple and other colors are gradually loved by men.When choosing the color, you should consider the relationship with other clothing to avoid being too public.

4. Material texture

Material is the soul of sexy underwear, which is directly related to the effect of wearing.High -quality materials can make the underwear better and more comfortable to wear.Generally, the sexy underwear selected by men is silk, cotton, lace, linen and so on.Choose a comfortable and breathable material.

5. Match matching

Interesting underwear is not external clothing, so for men, you need to put on a suitable match for wearing underwear.You can choose a pair of trousers or shorts to match with sexy underwear, plus some simple accessories, such as watches and jackets.

6. Application occasion

Interest underwear is an underwear for sex occasions, so this principle should be followed when choosing to wear.Interest underwear is suitable for special circumstances such as personal private occasions or dating.In addition, the company’s compliance, banquet and other occasions are not suitable for wearing sexy underwear.

7. Physical condition

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You must first consider the conditions of your personal body. Men with muscle bodybuilding and well -shapely are suitable for wearing sexy underwear. Men with obvious scars in obesity or all parts of the body are not suitable because their sexy underwear is not sexy enough.

8. Inner temperament

Interesting underwear is not limited to the outside, the inner self -confidence, self -esteem, and self -love are also based on psychological.The sexy sexy underwear is complementary to the temperament of men. No matter what style of sexy underwear wearing, if there is not enough confidence in your heart, then your wear is just a fame.

In summary, sexy underwear is a sexy, fashionable underwear. Men’s wearing needs to pay attention to decorative details, tailoring design, color selection, material texture, combination, application occasion, physical conditions, and internal temperament.Wearing a carefully selected sexy underwear can allow men to exude their charm in some special occasions.