Sexy underwear show 2017

Sexy underwear show 2017


The sexy underwear show is a stage for showing fashion and sexy. Every year, the sexy underwear show is a grand event that has been expected by the world.The sexy underwear show in 2017 is no exception. Many sexy models wearing various unique and unique underwear on the catwalk have brought endless visual feast to the audience.Here are some summaries and analysis of the 2017 Fun Underwear Show.

The most bright brand

Victoria’s Secret is one of the most popular brands in the sex lingerie show. Every year, there are multiple series of display of sexy underwear shows. Among them, the "Angel" series is the most noticeable. This seriesFashionable style is loved and sought after by the audience.

The most popular style

Sexy Lace Blindfold – 7681 – 7682 – 7686

The hottest style of the 2017 sexy underwear show is sexy underwear with embroidery and gemstone. This style of sexy underwear looks extremely gorgeous and elegant, and is favored by female consumers.

The most controversial performance

In 2017, the performance of Kendall Jenner has aroused controversy from many netizens.The sexy underwear she wore was criticized too transparent and exposed, and harmed the visual experience of the audience. At the same time, some netizens were considered to be a kind of disrespect and insult to women’s bodies.

Most creative design

On the 2017 Fun Underwear Show, the design of the brand SAVAGE X FENTY is full of vitality and creativity. The most creative design is the impressive "flower blooming rich" series of sexy underwear.This series of sexy underwear is unique and exquisite in workmanship. It combines elements such as petals and ribbons to show women’s softness and beauty.

The most representative model

In the fun underwear show, the figure of countless beauty models came and went, but the first Logan Rae Hill attracted the attention of many audiences.She is tall and extraordinary, and her unique performance style has made her one of the most representative models on the sexy lingerie show.

The most popular theme

On the 2017 Inspection Underwear Show, the theme "Female Power" was worshiped by the majority of female audiences.The sexy underwear of this theme is unique and powerful, showing the strong and external charm of women’s strong heart and external charm.

Teddies & Bodysuits

The most sexy charm color

The most sexy charm in the 2017 Fun Underwear Show is red.Red represents enthusiasm, dynamics, vitality and confidence, and these are the indispensable elements of sexy charm.

The most striking scene

One of the most striking scenes in the 2017 Fun Underwear Show is the display of Dior Dior Clothing Series. It uses a large light stage and high -tech audio equipment to create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere.The design of this scene is extremely difficult, but the effect is amazing.

The most popular accessories

On the 2017 Interest Underwear Show, the most popular accessories are various popular earrings and necklaces.The design of these accessories is exquisite and high -quality using materials, adding more fashion elements to the shape of the entire sexy underwear, making the models more dazzling.

Future development trend

As an important fashion stage, the sexy underwear show will continue to play an important role.In the future, the sexy underwear show will pay more attention to creativity, design and connotation, and there will be more and more excellent brands, more beautiful models and more stunning performances to us.

in conclusion

On the 2017 sexy underwear show, various exquisite sexy underwear, gorgeous scenes, and magnificent lights make people deeply trap and feel the beauty and charm of the world.The sexy lingerie show also makes us realize that fashion and sexy can be both. As long as we dare to try and be courageous to innovate, we can become the most eye -catching stars.