Sexy underwear Tag pictures

Sexy underwear Tag pictures

What is a sexy underwear tag?

Interest underwear tags refer to the logo hanging on sexy underwear products, which mainly include information such as brand names, sizes, materials, origin, washing methods, precautions and other information.The design and content of the tag played a vital role in consumers when purchasing.The pictures of the sexy underwear tag will be introduced in detail below.

Picture showing the style of sexy underwear

The style of sexy underwear is different, and the pictures on the tag can show the style of sexy underwear.For example, the picture above can be sexy, playful, retro -style, low -key, etc. At the same time, it can be used to sell products with different materials, colors and design.

Tag material needs to be particular

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The material of sexy underwear tags should be more high -end materials, which can not only enhance the brand image, but also meet the aesthetic needs of customers.Commonly used tag materials include paper, PVC, copper version of paper, etc. Among them, copper paper and PVC materials are more commonly used, which can create high -end, exquisite and collectible tags.

Pay attention to the choice of tag color

The color of sexy underwear tags also needs to be particular. Generally, the color selected should be in line with the brand style, and at the same time, it must be able to attract customers’ attention.You can choose special crafts such as gradient color, metal color to increase the artistic and selling point of the product.

What elements should be included in the tag content

The content of sexy underwear tags should generally include the brand name, model, gender, size, material, origin, washing method, and precautions.The precautions should be very clear, avoiding unnecessary problems and risks to customers.The washing method can also be marked on the tag, which has a certain guiding role when customers buy and use.

The size of the tag should be suitable

The size of the sexy underwear tag should be moderate, which can not only meet the needs of various necessary identifications, but not too large, so as not to affect the beauty of the product display.Generally speaking, the size of a sexy underwear tag is generally about 5cm, which is suitable for hanging on underwear.

Tag design must follow the brand style

The design of sexy underwear tags needs to follow the brand style and coordinate.Accurately and effectively showing the brand style can increase the brand’s impression and brand image.Tag design can include a variety of elements such as logo, fonts, patterns, etc. At the same time, you should pay attention to the beautiful and elegant overall design.

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The location of the tag should be reasonable

The location of the sexy underwear tag should be placed in obvious places so that customers have a clearer understanding before buying.It is usually placed on the chest or above the hanger.

Importance of tag quality

The quality of sexy underwear tags is also very important because it is directly related to brand image and product quality.Low -quality tags will not only affect the brand’s reputation, but also bring some misleading to consumers and affect the quality of underwear.Therefore, brand manufacturers should choose high -quality tag materials, printing technology and production technology.


The design and content of sexy underwear tags vary from the brand, but its significance is very important.For brand manufacturers, tags are not only the medium of promoting their own brands, but also proofs of product and brand quality.For consumers, tags are the basic basis for understanding products and choosing their favorite products.