Sexy underwear water hand clothing picture photo

Sexy underwear water hand clothing picture photo

Sexy underwear water hand clothing picture photo

The origin of sailors’ sexy underwear

Sailor clothing erotic lingerie originated from the sex culture of Japan. The sexy underwear design, known as the "navy style" or "sailor style", is inspired by the school uniforms of Japanese youth schools.With the advancement of the times and the integration of different cultures, the audience of sailors’ style of sexy underwear has continued to expand, which has become the heart of many women.

Sailor -made underwear style characteristics

The design of sailor style lingerie style often uses elements such as large border lace, short skirts, and cute bows, showing a sense of elegance and freshness.The design of sailors and vests has increased the cuteness of this sexy underwear, and it is easier to match various coats.

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Sailor clothes sex lingerie color matching

Under normal circumstances, the color matching of sailors’ sexy underwear is mainly white and blue.Fresh white can highlight the cuteness of sexy underwear, and blue with a little maturity is a more feminine choice.Of course, there are also some designs that are more bold, using red, black, pink and other colors, showing different styles.

Select the size of the sailor’s sexy underwear

The size of the sailor’s sexy underwear is not complicated, and is generally suitable for different figures.Under normal circumstances, women with small breasts can choose to design a large style on the chest to highlight the beautiful curve on the chest; women with full breasts can choose the style of high -necked and wide shoulder straps, which can highlight the charm of the chest, but alsoNot too exposed.

Sailor clothes sex underwear match

The cuteness of the sailor’s sexy underwear is very suitable for the matching of leisure occasions.In addition to wearing a single wear, you can use a horn sleeve, short denim jacket or sportswear to create a very vibrant atmosphere.At the same time, this sexy underwear is also suitable for wearing parties, cosplay, etc., allowing women to show their unique personality in the crowd.

How to wear sailor clothes sexy underwear

The way of dressing of sailors’ sexy underwear can be selected according to their hobbies and figure characteristics.If you want to create a cute and fresh feeling, you can choose to wear it alone or match with denim shorts; if you like to feel more mature, you can also match a A -line skirt, which will definitely bring you a different style.

The romantic match of sailor clothes sexy underwear


Sailors’ sexy underwear can also be paired with some romantic elements to show a more elegant and sexy side.For example, with a red lace skirt or a pair of high heels, it perfectly interprets the tenderness and sexy of women.

Maintenance method of sailor clothes sexy underwear

Sailor’s sexy underwear is a relatively fragile underwear, so we need to pay special attention to maintenance.When washing, avoid using a washing solution with high water temperature. Do not rub it too hard when washing. You should also be careful when drying to avoid sun exposure or mechanical drying.

Suggestions for the choice of sailor clothes sexy underwear

Although sailor’s sexy underwear has many advantages, it is not suitable for everyone.Compared with sexy underwear, the sexy lingerie of sailor clothes is more to show a fresh and elegant feeling, suitable for those women who like cute and fresh feelings.And it is not suitable for women with too large breasts or too small.So before choosing, you must consider your body and style carefully.


Sailor’s sexy underwear shows the distinctive side of women with its cute, fresh, elegant and soft style.Whether you go out and hang out or spend a romantic night at home, it is a very suitable choice.Of course, you must choose according to your body and style before choosing to show the most beautiful side.