Shake M and open the gear sexy underwear

Shake M and open the gear sexy underwear

What is shaking m to open the gear sex underwear

Shake M Fochrome Lingerie is a sexy sexy underwear. It has a special design that can open a small hole or zipper design in the key parts, so that the wearer can show their charm and sexy, and at the same time meet some preferences in preferences.SM and BDSM sex toys.

Type the type of sexy underwear in the shake M

There are many types of sexy underwear in shaking M, including stockings, pajamas, bikinis, bras, etc.The opening parts in these sexy lingerie styles also have different shapes and designs, some open small holes directly in key parts, and some are switch -like designs like zipper.

Precautions for wearing shaking M opening sexy underwear

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When wearing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to several aspects.First, choose the appropriate size and style to ensure the comfort and appearance effect.Secondly, it is necessary to match the appropriate shoes and accessories to show the perfect sexy effect.In addition, pay attention to hygiene, timely cleaning and disinfection to avoid infection with anus and genitals.

Shake M to open the file sex underwear use occasion

There are many ways to use the sexy underwear of shaking M, which can be a sex game time with the partner, or it can be a self -adjusting way to enjoy itself.When using, you can try different SM and BDSM postures to meet the needs of people who prefer to such types.Be sure to follow the safety principles of sex to ensure your own safety and health.

Who is suitable

Generally speaking, people who like sex games and try new things, especially those who prefers SM and BDSM sex toys, are suitable for wearing shaking M to open up sexy underwear.At the same time, these sexy underwear is also suitable for the elements of flirting and sensational elements in long -term partner relationships, adding interests to partners.

How to buy trembling m open gear sex underwear

When choosing a shake M to open the gear, you need to pay attention to several aspects.First, choose the right size and style to ensure comfortable and appearance effects.Secondly, paying attention to quality and materials, choosing high -quality materials can better protect your own health.Finally, choose a reliable sales platform to ensure the quality and after -sales service of the goods.

Shock m to open the gear of sexy underwear cleaning methods

Special attention to the cleaning method of shaking the sexy underwear.Generally speaking, special washing fluid should be used to avoid using soap and shampoo, because these products can change the nature and health of underwear fabrics.In addition, the cleaning temperature of the underwear should also be noted. Generally, salt water or low temperature cleaning mode should be used.


Tabes of shaking M opening sexy underwear

When using shaking m to open the gear, you need to pay attention to some taboos.First, we must follow the principle of sex safety to avoid infection and injury.Secondly, we must respect the will of the partner and must not be forced, otherwise it will be sanctioned by law.Finally, we must abide by social moral norms, and we must not be worn in public places or places to avoid unnecessary disputes.

The price and brand of shaking M opening sexy underwear

The prices of shaking M open -stalls have different prices and brands. Depending on the brands and materials, the price is also different.When buying, you can choose well -known brands and formal sales platforms to avoid buying cheap but inferior products.

in conclusion

Shake M’s open -stall sex underwear can enhance the sensory experience of sex, and meet the needs of people who prefers to SM and BDSM sex toys.When buying and using, you need to pay attention to quality, hygiene and safety, and enjoy the charm of this sexy sexy underwear.