Shame Wife Wife

Shame Wife Wife

Shame Wife Wife

What is shame and sexy underwear?

Shame and sexy underwear refers to those sexy underwear that can inspire people.They usually expose some parts of the body and seduce the desire of the other half, thereby generating irritating sex experience.The types of shamey underwear are very rich, some are more familiar, and some pay more attention to teasing sex and sexy.Here are some styles of shameful and sexy lingerie wives.

Split skirt shame underwear

The characteristic of a split skirt -like shame underwear is that the skirt is designed at the skirt, which exposes the curve of the inside of the legs, increases sexy, and makes the other half full of imagination.Choosing black or red styles is more sexy and elegant.

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Transparent lace underwear suit

The transparent lace underwear suit is a sexy underwear that many wives like.It uses a transparent lace, which has a mouth -watering figure at a glance.This underwear suit usually includes underwear and underwear, and some also adds sex collars, handcuffs and other sex products.

Conjusational Web socks sexy underwear

Conjusational net socks are a suit consisting of tops and long net socks.Its charm is that there are many styles in the top of the top. You can choose various styles such as off -shoulder, back, deep V or luxury lace.With the black long cylinder socks, the sexy degree is even more upper.

Lace sexy underwear set

Sexy underwear suits are relatively simple, usually including a lace triangle underwear and a pair of the same lace panties.It uses light and breathable fabrics, making the body line more clear and difficult to resist.Choose sexy colors, such as wine red or hidden blue, can increase the attraction of the opposite sex.

Metal Emoticon Innerwear Set

Metal emotional fun underwear suits are made of metal chain, metal ring and other materials.This kind of sexy underwear not only shows a strong unruly atmosphere, but also makes the skin feel more cool and has a special sense of stimuli.However, it should be noted that because the metal material is very cold, this sexy underwear is suitable for the warmth of the climate.

Elegant lace underwear suit


Although not every wife likes the very bold underwear, many people love some more elegant and temperamental sexy underwear.The elegant lace underwear suit is the representative of them.It uses a combination of tulle and lace to show the soft curve of the body.It is recommended to use pure white or light pink in color.

Front buckle sexy underwear

The front buckle lingerie is a sexy underwear that has been increasingly popular in recent years.Its special place lies in its front buckle design, which can make the other half more conveniently unbutton your underwear. This process of unbuttoning the underwear brings the pleasure to men is not imagined by women.

Tight -fitting leather sexy underwear

Tight leather sexy underwear often creates a "sexy black widow" atmosphere, and the unique atmosphere of black leather itself has a very strong sexy temptation.Although it looks a bit bold, it requires a personality of a personality to control it.

Stroke sexy underwear suit

Stand -style erotic underwear suits usually use belt, steel ring and other strap elements, bringing a visual shock.It is characterized by many belts, which makes the wife look thinner and more sexy.With high heels, the other half will make the other half more obsessed with you.

Belly Boat -style erotic underwear

For a wife who wants to try more openly and uninhibited, bellyband sexy underwear may be a good choice.This bellyband underwear is characterized by the exposure of the belly, and it is a very challenging sexy underwear.Choosing black or red is more sexy.


All in all, shame and interesting underwear women have rich choices. You can choose specific styles based on personality, body and actual needs.However, it should be noted that when choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the color matching, otherwise it will affect the sensory effect.The most important thing is that sexy underwear is only used to increase sexy and exciting props. The real quality of sexual life should be based on mutual respect and trust.