She does not wear a sexy underwear I bought for my wife

She does not wear a sexy underwear I bought for my wife

1. Why don’t your wife wear sex underwear?

Sex underwear is a symbol of romance and passion for many couples.However, some women may not be accustomed to the concept of buying or wearing sexy lingerie, and even think that the sexy underwear is very tacky, or it will make them embarrassed.This may be the main reason for not wearing sex underwear.

2. Types and choices of sexy underwear

It is important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for you.There are many types of underwear, such as bras, close -fitting clothing, suspenders and stockings.In addition, there are many different styles and materials, which are suitable for different body shapes and preferences.

3. Find your wife’s size

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The key to buying the right size of sexy underwear is to accurately measure your wife’s body size.It should be noted that the size of each brand is different. Therefore, when determining the underwear size, you need to refer to the brand guideline of the brand.

4. The color and style of underwear

It is also important to choose colors and styles.In terms of color, some women prefer light or warm colors, while others like dark or cold tones.In terms of style, some women like rich details and decorative underwear, while others like solid colors and basic styles.

5. Buy only "suitable for her" underwear

Underwear needs to be suitable for your wife’s body shape and style to truly make her feel sexy and confident.Don’t buy what she likes, but should buy the one that suits her, otherwise she is likely not to wear them.

6. Confirm whether my wife is interested

Before you buy sexy underwear, make sure your wife is really interested in this idea.If she doesn’t want to wear underwear, no matter what style of underwear you buy, she will not wear them.

7. Don’t force her to wear underwear

If you make underwear a compulsory thing, then your wife is likely to be more unwilling to wear.If you want her to wear underwear, you need to express your thoughts in a soft and romantic way, instead of forcing her to do anything.Let her choose underwear by herself, it may be easier to accept.

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8. One possible solution: sexy underwear party

The sexy underwear party is an interesting idea that allows you to invite some friends to share food and time with her.You can let your friends bring some underwear they think are suitable for your wife, and she can also choose her own underwear.This makes your wife easier to accept the idea of choice and wearing underwear.

9. Summary: Respect her thoughts and feelings

When buying sexy underwear, the most important thing is to respect her partner, including her feelings and ideas.Interest underwear should be a way to enhance romance and passion, rather than impact.Need to be cleverly transmitted to ensure that she feels comfortable and satisfied, so as to truly achieve the purpose of sexy underwear.

10. Last suggestion

Finally, it is recommended that when buying sexy underwear, choose a lingerie that suits you, and do not blindly pursue fashion and trend.At the same time, we must respect my partner, and we must communicate directly with her on the issue of buying sexy underwear to fully enjoy the romantic moment.