She doesn’t like to send girls’ sexy underwear

She doesn't like to send girls' sexy underwear

She doesn’t like to send girls’ sexy underwear

Men often like to buy some sexy sexy underwear for girls to express their love and praise for girls.However, there will be some bad situations: girls do not like the sexy underwear they have received.What should I do at this time?Next, this article will provide you with some solutions.

Paragraph 1: Interest underwear is not suitable for all girls

Although sexy underwear can exude sexy and charm temperament, not every girl is suitable for wearing sexy underwear.For example, some more shy or conservative girls may not like to use sexy underwear to express their attitude to life and personality.Therefore, before sending girls’ sexy underwear, first understand her personality and style characteristics to better choose a suitable sexy underwear.

Paragraph 2: Understand her size

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There are many kinds of sexy underwear, different models and sizes, and there are different applicable people.For example, there are some girls who are suitable for full breasts, while others are more suitable for girls with flat chests.Therefore, when sending girls’ sexy underwear, it is best to understand her size and her favorite underwear style to ensure that the items you choose can be suitable for her figure and make her comfortable and comfortable.

Paragraph 3: Understand her style preferences

Interest underwear is a variety of, including European and American style, Japanese and Korean style, and so on.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, considering the style, preferences and living habits of girls, it is most important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for her.If you are blindly pursuing sexy, without considering her preference, then the sexy underwear you send will likely become the "idle items" in her storage box, and cannot exert the effect you expect.

Paragraph 4: Don’t take sex underwear as a sexual tool

Many men can use sexy underwear as sexual tools to meet their sexual needs.However, sexy underwear cannot be a "toy" that men can meet their desires and sexual needs for men’s desires and sexual needs.On the contrary, sexy underwear should be a carrier for women to enhance confidence, beauty and charm, and help them discover their unique charm and show their other side.

Paragraph 5: Don’t pursue too sexy

Although the design and style of sexy underwear are usually sexy and bold, do not pursue too sexy when sending women’s sexy underwear.Because, too exposed or sexy lingerie, it is likely to cause adverse effects on the image of women, make women’s heroic posture become "Sao Lang Charm", and even make them feel uneasy and ashamed.

Paragraph 6: Express your love

When choosing sexy underwear, you can choose those gentle, gentle and elegant underwear to express the love of men and good wishes for women.Don’t be too gorgeous and fancy, and don’t have too much volume. Some simple and generous sexy underwear often meet the preferences of different women.

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Paragraph 7: Select brand and materials

When choosing sexy underwear, choosing brands and materials will have a great impact on women’s wear experience and comfort.Therefore, choosing some well -known brands of sexy underwear can ensure the quality and services of the underwear, while avoiding many unnecessary troubles and risks.In addition, in terms of material selection, it is necessary to consider the problems of women’s dressing feelings and possible skin allergic reactions.

Paragraph 8: Stay away from vulgar and obscenity

We need to avoid those vulgar, obscenity, or outdated sexy underwear, so as not to be considered by women to be insult and disrespectful to them, and even insult to human dignity.Therefore, selecting and purchasing fun underwear should avoid impressions of bad, low -level, and even abnormalities, and pay attention to artistic and elegant spiritual connotation.

Paragraph 9: Apologize in time

If women do not feel as much as they are expected after sending women’s sexy underwear, then it is necessary to apologize to women and explain their intentions and behaviors.If there are some choices or some defects in the sexy underwear itself, you can go to the store for replacement, or seek help and consultation from merchants.

Paragraph 10: Views

Sending women’s sexy underwear is of course a romantic behavior that represents love and care, but in specific operations, you also need to pay attention to etiquette, taste, and material selection.In particular, pay attention to those women who are excessively pursuing sexy, not everyone likes or recognizes this style.Therefore, carefully selecting affectionate underwear, strictly considering her needs and her preferences, in order to truly live up to nostalgia and express strong love and deep emotions.