Shu Qi sexy underwear show


Shu Qi is a well -known actress in the Chinese film and television industry. She not only has excellent acting skills, but also has an enviable good figure and charming temperament.As a fan of sexy underwear, Shu Qi often shows a variety of sexy underwear in public, attracting the attention of countless fans.Let’s take a look at the sexy underwear that Shu Qi often wears.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is the most classic sexy underwear, and it is also loved by Shu Qi.The lace fabric is soft and comfortable, which can better fit the body curve and show the sexy and charming of women.Adding some perspective design or hollow lace is even more exciting.

Hollow underwear

Hollow underwear is one of the sexy lingerie styles that Shu Qi often wear.This underwear is transparent or translucent material on the fabric. The underwear is made into various patterns through hollow design, making the underwear more sexy and charming.

Stockings set

Stockings suits are also very common in sexy underwear.This kind of suit is generally composed of tops and stockings. The top can be a vest, or a style with stockings suspenders. Stockings can also have different patterns and colors, making women more stylish when wearing.

Belly pocket underwear

The name of the belly pocket underwear is the underwear that only covers the lower half of the body. This design can better highlight the sexy of women.Shu Qi often chooses a hollow bellyband underwear. The combination of lace and high -quality fabrics reflects the unique temperament of sexy and wildness.


Conjusational underwear is another love underwear of Shu Qi. This underwear is designed with single -piece fabrics, covering the whole body while taking into account the body and breathability.Conjusational underwear is generally designed with tight fit, suitable for women with outstanding body curves.

Leather underwear

Leather underwear is a relatively special type of sexy underwear. This underwear is usually made of high -end artificial leather or leather material, which has a very strong sense of modern and cool.And Shu Qi often chooses a metallic leather underwear to make her more domineering.

Half a cup of underwear

The half -cup of underwear design has less coverage of the chest, and better shows the breast line of women.There are two common types of half a cup of underwear: one is a half -cup of shoulder straps, and the other is a half -cup type with shoulder straps.Shu Qi often wore a half -cup of underwear in black or dark, which brings a deep and mysterious feeling.


Underwear is one of the most commonly worn sexy underwear in Shu Qi.This underwear does not require too many fancy designs. As long as it is soft and comfortable, fit and fit, but you need to pay attention to the choice of style and quality, so that you can wear more comfortable and comfortable.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is a very classic type of sexy underwear. The fabric is usually made of soft lace or other fabrics with patterns. The colors and lines of the lace part show a strong sexy temperament.Shu Qi often chooses lipstick or purple lace underwear to show a romantic and sexy fusion.

in conclusion

Shu Qi is a hardcore fans of sexy underwear. Her style of wearing shows various types and styles of sexy underwear.Of course, each woman’s body and wear style are different. Choosing sexy underwear also needs to be selected according to her own shape and style.No matter what kind of erotic underwear you choose, the most important thing is to make your own dress feel comfortable and comfortable, which is the most beautiful performance.

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