Stomato sexy underwear magnetic force

Stomato sexy underwear magnetic force

What is a bellyband sexy underwear?

Funny underwear, also known as "bellyband", is a kind of sexy underwear with sub -cultural characteristics.It is usually regarded as an interesting and flirting way, adding a mysterious atmosphere to the wearer, which is one of the interesting props when having sex.

Features of belly pockets sexy underwear

The most significant feature of the sexy lingerie of the belly is that it does not bring a drag of stocks, only a triangular fabric to cover the private parts.This makes it look very sexy and tempting.In addition, the fabric of the sexy underwear is also more flexible, usually a soft and comfortable material, which is very comfortable to wear.

The history of the belly of sexy underwear

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The history of the sexy lingerie can be traced back to ancient times.In all parts of China, the ancients have the habit of wearing a bellyband, especially in the south, women often wear bellybands at home.In the West, the sexual lingerie of the bellyband began to become popular in the late 19th century.

The way to wear the belly of sexy underwear

Generally speaking, the bellyband sexy underwear is worn as underwear, so it works better with his sexy underwear.It generally needs to be worn with other accessories such as underwear and belt to achieve the best results.

Different types of bellyband sexy underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear products, which are distinguished from many aspects such as fabrics, colors, and shapes.For example, some colorful bellybands and sexy underwear, plus the design of the silk belt, will make the wearer more tempting.And some leather or rubber bellybands show an alternative personality.

Applicable crowd of belly pocket sexy underwear

The crowds of belly pistral fun underwear are not too wide. Generally speaking, it is suitable for people who have an extraordinary personality and those who like to try fresh.In addition, wearers need to have enough confidence and guts, and do not mind showing their bodies in front of their partners.

How to buy belly pockets in sex underwear?

When buying belly pockets, you must pay attention to the comfort and texture of the fabric.In addition, it is recommended to choose products with simple and generous colors and patterns, so that it is easier to start with it, and it is more suitable for beginners.Of course, several triangular all -transparent products are sometimes more popular.


Maintenance bellyband sexy underwear

When maintaining the sexy lingerie of the bellyband, pay special attention to exquisite fabrics, as well as cleaning with water temperature and detergent.You can choose to wash or use a flexible washing machine mode to prevent damage.

Precautions for Belly Bades’ Sex of Innerwear

When wearing a belly -stained underwear, in addition to paying attention to your comfort, you must also pay special attention to the psychological coordination with your partner.Sometimes, if your partner does not like to see you in a bellyband, then you might as well slow down to avoid affecting the relationship.


Belly -belly sexy underwear is a sexy underwear with strong cultural and sexy charm.Whether it is male or female, wearing a bellyband sexy underwear can increase the mood and fun.Of course, when choosing and wearing a belly pocket sex lingerie, pay attention to its comfort and quality, and psychological coordination with the partner.I hope that everyone can enjoy more sexy and romantic in the process of wearing a belly pocket and sexy underwear.