Story wearing sexy underwear

Story wearing sexy underwear

Story wearing sexy underwear

Sexy, fashionable, hot, wearing sexy lingerie, beautiful women can show their charm.How to choose sexy underwear and let it shape the perfect figure.Here, I will tell you a story of wearing sexy underwear.

1. Know your figure

For everyone, it is very important to understand your body.Especially when choosing sexy underwear, you need to know your own figure.Is it hip -up type?Still Bo Tao’s chest type?By understanding your body characteristics, choosing the right sexy underwear can better set off your figure charm.

2. Consultation professional clerk

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It is necessary to communicate with the clerk when buying sexy underwear.The clerk will give the corresponding suggestions according to your figure and preferences, including geometric area, size, version, style, etc. This is all to understand.The clerk will not only introduce you to various styles of sexy underwear in detail, but also help you.

Third, suitable for your own style

On the basis of understanding your body, choose a style that suits you and wear your own unique sexy.Sexual feelings have a variety of styles. The style of the left bump and right -handed style is suitable for girls with thin sends, while plump girls choose to have an ending style.

Fourth, pay attention to color matching

Sex underwear usually does not choose white or skin tone like daily underwear, but is biased towards dark.Although light -colored underwear is also very sexy, it should be paid attention to the unity of seeing the perspective and the complexion.When choosing color, it should match it and you to make a different sexy.

5. Creative sexy atmosphere

Interesting underwear must not just put it on, but also can express their sexy through physical language, let people see you who want to get along.The atmosphere in the process of teasing is crucial.The psychological expectations of the playmate will make him willing to do anything, so you must create some sexy atmosphere.

6. Emphasize highlights

Although sexy underwear focuses on sexy, the highlights are also important.Some sexy lingerie will put some beads or lace on the highlights to highlight those shiny parts, which is a way to improve sexy.


7. Make underwear and coats

The match between underwear and coat is also important.The mood underwear with a slightly atmospheric clothes can create a stylish feeling. Wearing sexy underwear, and a thin coat or a short skirt can perfectly combine your fashion and sexy.

Eight, comfort is more important

Wearing underwear, the most important thing is not to loosen.In addition to sexy, the most important thing is to be comfortable.Choosing good quality and soft fabric can make you feel comfortable at any time, and it is also important.

After the above steps, choose a sexy underwear that suits you, in addition to increasing the elements of self -confidence and sexy, but also allows you to better experience sexual happiness.When you put on all the sexy underwear behind the image, he will become more and more work, and soon you will feel his temperature and the charm of your body.