Strange boyfriend sexy underwear joke

Strange boyfriend sexy underwear joke

Wonderful boyfriend’s sexy underwear inventory

There is a strange boyfriend who always likes to wear some strange erotic underwear, which makes me cry and laugh.Below, I will take a look at his interesting underwear history.

The first: a disgusting suspender shirt

I remember when I first started to deal with, he once wore a sexy underwear called "disgusting suspender shirt".This underwear shows a lot of navel and nipples. It has a strong tearing feeling and is suitable for couples who want to play SM.

2nd paragraph: Barbie doll installation

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Another time, he suddenly bought a sexy underwear in the Barbie doll, printed with cute lace and lace.However, when he put on underwear, I only felt a strange confusion.

Third paragraph: Fun Bikini

Then he surprised me and bought me a fun bikini.Underwear is transparent, with small lotus leaf edges on it, which looks a bit sexy on him.

Fourth paragraph: funny rabbit outfit

However, this time he wore a funny rabbit’s underwear.He wore rabbit ears and a rabbit tail, and ran jumping behind the eyes of the rabbit.I can’t help doubt his health.

Fifth paragraph: Super pants

Another time I heard him say that he wanted me to buy him a "swing" underwear. I thought it was a close -fitting underwear.Focus, I can only pat his courage.

Sixth paragraph: Elephant

That night, he brought a sexy underwear called "Elephant Bend".This is a small silver underwear with a huge cartoon image. It feels like a small elephant when wearing it, caught in the fantasy world he woven.

Oil Shine

Seventh: Black leather pants

Recently, he bought a pair of black leather pants to match his underwear.Because his belly was relatively large, he obviously did not realize that this set was not suitable for him.I have to admit that this combination is really not a choice suitable for every man.

Paragraph 8: a small white vest

In the end, he wore a small white vest and looked really charming.However, at a slightly farther distance, this underwear is more like the kind of women’s fertility due to prenatal edema.

Wonderful boyfriend’s fun underwear inventory: my opinion

In general, I don’t think how attractive my boyfriend’s sexy lingerie style is, but his courage and self -confidence are indeed worth learning.Everyone has their own strange hobbies. We should respect the preferences of others, and we should also be accustomed to sharing and respecting our preferences. This is true sexy.