Stranging socks pretend to be sexy underwear

Stranging socks pretend to be sexy underwear

Stranging socks pretend to be sexy underwear

1. What is a suspender socks and a sexy lingerie

Study socks are a special sexy underwear suit, including a pair of camisole jumpsuits and a pair of net socks or stockings.This underwear suit is usually used to increase sexual interests and stimulus between husband and wife and couples.

2. What are the types of suspenders socks?

There are many different types of suspender socks, including some fancy styles with complex designs such as lace or embroidery, and simpler practical styles, such as solid or transparent conjoined camisole and net socks, can be based on the combination of net socks.Personal taste and preferences.

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3. Suitable to wear suspended socks in sexy underwear

Study socks are usually suitable for wearing in private places, such as in the family or in a more private occasion.There are also some people who use it as a equipment -playing equipment. They often use it to increase sexual interest when playing games, role -playing or group SEX.

4. Advantages of suspenders socks with sexy underwear

One of the advantages of suspender socks is that it adds a sexy and coordinated sense of husband or wife or couple, which can irritate imagination and creative games.Another advantage is that its design is suitable for most body shape and body shape.

5. How to choose a suspended socks that are suitable for you

When choosing a suspender socks, you should pay attention to your body and personal taste.For tall and strong men, you can choose a thick set; for those with slender figure, you can choose long -sleeved treasure blue or red models.

6. How to take care of and maintain a suspended socks and put on sexy underwear

Study socks are usually made of different materials such as lace, stockings, and net socks. Hand washing and maintenance must be carried out before use.Check the guidance on the product label before hand washing. Do not use overheated washing, and do not use any bleaching agent or soft agent. After washing, you should dry and dry it. Do not directly expose to the sun.

7. What to pay attention to

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In order to protect your suspender socks, you can pay attention to the life of the lingerie and extend the service life, you must pay attention to the following problems: do not iron or dry camisole underwear, keep the underwear dry, use bleach or chlorine drifting agent on color and set underwearetc.

8. Hanging socks set the limitations of sexy underwear

Although suspenders socks can increase sexual interests and stimulus between husband and wife and couples, it is not the best choice for everyone.For those who are sensitive or allergic to underwear, more materials and details may cause allergic reactions, and should be used without any compulsory to avoid conflict or negative experience.

9. The comparison of a suspender socks and a comparison of sexy underwear with his sexy underwear

Compared with his sexy underwear, camisole socks are usually considered one of the more practical and durable sexy underwear.Because the materials and details they contain are relatively small, it is easier to maintain and maintain.

10. Summary view

In general, the suspender socks are a sexy, exciting, fun and practical underwear, which is suitable for couples or couples to add interest.There are not many things to pay attention to during the choice and care process. However, for users who are sensitive to underwear or do not like too much decoration, it is not necessarily the best choice.