Sun Yunzhu’s Instead Underwear BAI

Sun Yunzhu's Instead Underwear BAI

Sun Yunzhu Interesting Pleuel

Sun Yunzhu is a famous actress in South Korea. With his tall figure and sweet smile, he has won the love of countless fans.In addition to filming, Sun Yunzhu often endorses various brands, and the most concerned is the sexy underwear.The following will introduce the sexy lingerie brands and its characteristics of Sun Yunzhu’s endorsement.

1. Kimpex leading the trend

Kimpex is one of the well -known brands in the Korean sex underwear industry and received the endorsement of Sun Yunzhu.The brand’s sexy lingerie is diverse. Among them, lace underwear with flowers and exquisite details is the most eye -catching.In addition, Kimpex has also made a lot of effort in material and comfort, so that the wearer can enjoy the beauty and feel the comfort brought by the careful design.

2. Fresh and natural Nevena

Lace Harness Teddy Bodysuit – 14717

Nevena is a brand dedicated to providing women with comfort and healthy lingerie.Sun Yunzhu’s endorsement of the sexy lingerie style is mostly fresh and natural, skin -friendly and comfortable.Emphasizing physical health and safety, while not losing fashion beauty, this is also the characteristic of Nevena.

3. Bright and dynamic Missdori

Missdori is a younger one of the Korean sex lingerie brands.Unlike other brands, Missdori’s sexy underwear focuses on color and design, and fully reflects the characteristics of young, bright and dynamic in style design.Missdori sexy underwear endorsed by Sun Yunzhu is mostly mainly deep V, triangle, and strap patterns.Putting them can easily show your beautiful temperament.

4. Fashionable and simple IchigOblack

Ichigoblack is another Korean sex lingerie brand endorsed by Sun Yunzhu.The brand is characterized by fashion and simplicity and simple lines. It combines modern simple design and traditional sexy underwear to fully meet the needs of young modern women.

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Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to individuality and creativity, and has more diverse styles, which meets the multiple needs of women when wearing.As the spokesperson, Sun Yunzhu showed the natural, comfortable and fashionable characteristics of the sexy underwear of different brands.Contemporary women are not limited to traditional underwear, but the appearance of sexy underwear makes women more diverse and liberalized.