Super charming SM sex underwear

Super charming SM sex underwear

Super charming SM sex underwear

1. What is SM sex underwear?

SM means "sexual abuse and love". SM sex underwear is a sexy underwear with special design elements. It is usually used to explore new sexual gameplay.

2. What is the classic style?

The classic styles include the restraint kit, acrylic mold, chain and ankle handcuffs of various leather fabrics.This type of sexy underwear is considered standard for SM games.

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3. SM underwear matching instructions

SM sex underwear can not only wear it by itself, but also wear it with other equipment.For example, with leather corset or vest, you can make you more charming in the game.

How to choose size?

When buying SM sex underwear, carefully select the size to ensure comfort and safety.Because underwear is too large or too small, it may cause inconvenience or physical injury.

5. What is the impact of the choice of material?

Different materials can have different effects on experience.For example, the restraint kit can provide users with a tough and solid experience, and visually can bring a sense of deterrent.

Six, SM sex underwear safety considerations

When you use SM erotic underwear, the function it undertakes is not just to make users feel comfortable and relaxed.Public security issues are also important to ensure that the equipment you use will not hurt yourself or companions.

Seven, SM sexy underwear maintenance


During cleaning or maintenance of vibration rods, acrylic molds, etc., pay attention not to be tide.If it is not cleaned after use, bacteria will quickly reproduce under the action of a variety of factors, which will bring you hidden dangers to you.

8. Recommendation of super charming SM sexy underwear

If you want to try SM sex underwear, we recommend you to try a full set of special version of sexy underwear.This underwear is made of high -quality leather and acrylic materials. It is unique and more exciting.

Nine, how to use SM sexy underwear reasonably

In the process of using, choose SM sex underwear according to your needs and experience.Familiar with the method and specific requirements of using underwear is very important.

Ten, SM sexy underwear summary view

SM sex underwear is a challenge and fun choice.When you choose carefully, and correctly match and use it, it can bring you fresh sex experience and endless fun and excitement!