Taipei’s first sex underwear show

Taipei's first sex underwear show

Taipei’s first sex underwear show

Opening remark

Recently, the first sex underwear show was held in the center of Taipei, which attracted many fashion enthusiasts and sexy underwear enthusiasts.The purpose of this event is to show the charm and fashion of sexy underwear, and it is also a display of Taiwanese culture.The event site is full of vitality and lingering.

Moderator and sponsor introduction

The host of this event is Wang Zhifei, a famous host.Many sexy underwear brands from Taiwan and the mainland also sponsored and supported this event.They set up a wealth of exhibition area at the scene, showing the latest styles to the audience and announced a lot of preferential activities.

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The status quo of Taiwan’s sexy underwear market

In recent years, Taiwan’s sex underwear market has developed rapidly in recent years, and sales have increased significantly.This is related to the gradual opening up of Taiwanese society, the individualization of young people, and the increasing spirit of individual freedom.As an important part of sexual culture, sexy underwear is loved by young people and has become part of the fashion trend.

Walk show 1: European and American style

In the first part of this sexy lingerie show, the sex lingerie brand from Europe and the United States showed a series of western styles, which is refreshing.These styles are simple, but it reflects the luxury and freedom of European and American sexy underwear.Fashion bloggers have high evaluations of these styles and believe that they show women’s sexy and confidence.

Walk show 2: Japanese and Korean classic

In the next session, the sexy lingerie style from Japan and South Korea shows.These styles are exquisitely designed and emphasized the cuteness and purity of Asian women.The color is mostly pink and white, which makes people feel the invincible atmosphere.Among the audience, these styles have also been greatly welcomed.

Walk show 3: Original Taiwan

This event also set up a special link to show the original design of the Taiwanese brand and enhance the local cultural characteristics.Some of these styles are integrated into traditional cultural elements, while others pay attention to creativity and personality, which is bright.The innovation and breakthroughs of Taiwanese designers in the field of fun underwear are impressive.

Walk show 4: Men’s sexy underwear


This sex underwear show also set up a male sex lingerie display session, showing a series of male underwear styles.Most of these styles are distinctive and humorous, which makes men’s sexy be prominent.Men’s sexy underwear market has also developed greatly in Taiwan, which has also made the sex underwear market more diversified.

The business value of sexy underwear

In addition to being used as a fashion and sexual cultural symbol, sexy underwear also has strong business value.The sales of major sex lingerie brands in the market have reached amazing figures.In addition, the management of sexual goods stores is also expanding, becoming a very optimistic industry.

The prospects of Taiwan’s sex lingerie market

With the continuous development of Taiwanese society and the gradual opening of the concept of the people, the sexy underwear market will continue to flourish.The popularity of sexy underwear in young people will be higher, and sales in the market will be further increased.


The success of the first sexy lingerie show in Taipei not only shows the charm and fashion of sexy underwear, but also part of the sex culture of Taiwan.As a part of fashion underwear, its market prospects are very optimistic.We have reason to believe that in the near future, the sexy underwear market will become more diversified, beautiful and exciting.