Taking sex underwear

Shooting erotic underwear is a challenging job, whether it is a model or a photographer.In this article, we will explore some elements and skills to shoot sexy underwear.

1. Selected models

When shooting sexy underwear, it is very important to choose the right model.Models should have a good figure and face, and at the same time, they must also have self -confidence and self -guts to show sexy underwear.It is best to prepare for photography and have legal certification documents for pornography.

Second, body and size

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must use the figure and size of the model.Inappropriate sizes will affect the model’s self -confidence and also affect her expression.Choose the appropriate shrinking and enlarged corset, close -up underwear and pants to ensure the suitable sense and aesthetics of the underwear.

Third, scenes and sets

Scenes and sets play a very important role in photography.Selecting background and lighting to highlight the characteristics of underwear, we also need to consider the skin color and body lines of the model.If the scene and the scenery are not thoughtful, it will affect the final shooting effect.

Four, color matching

The color matching of sexy underwear is very important.Color should be based on the skin color of the model, the style and design of the underwear.It is also important to keep the underwear clean and tidy.

Five, posture and movement

During the shooting, the posture and movement of the model are very important.Photographers should show the best posture through guiding the model to show the design and characteristics of underwear.The dynamic effect can also bring vitality and anger to the photos.

Six, lens and focal length

When shooting sexy underwear, photographers should choose the lens and focal length carefully.This will directly affect the presentation of the photo.Choosing the right lens and focal length can ensure the clear and real sense of the photo.

Seven, post -processing

After shooting sexy underwear, later processing is necessary.Moisturizing and modification can make the photos more delicate and deeply popular.But the slightly latter process can ensure the authenticity and considerableness of the original picture.

8. Aesthetic consciousness

In recent years, sex underwear photography has become an art.Photographers need a good aesthetic consciousness.Higher aesthetic consciousness can help photographers capture the soul of the scenery, and can also feel interest and emotions from the photos.

Nine, legal knowledge

When shooting sexy underwear, you must follow laws and regulations.Models must have the rights and legitimate certification documents that the authority should have.At the same time, photographers must also follow the rules and rules of shooting sexy underwear.Shooting erotic underwear is not the same as violating the law.

10. Summary

Shooting sex underwear is a high -challenge job.Models, scenes, sets, color matching, lens, posture, post -processing, aesthetic consciousness and legal issues are all aspects we need to consider.In order to combine these elements and techniques to take the impressive sexy underwear photos.

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