Taobao inexplicably pushed sexy underwear

Questy underwear recommended by Taobao

Recently, when I was shopping on Taobao, I found that Taobao somehow began to recommend various sexy underwear for me.Looking at this type of product, I feel inexplicable because I don’t seem to show my interest in this product.Below I will tell the reasons behind this issue and how to deal with it.


First of all, let’s discuss why Taobao will sell sexy underwear for us.In fact, this is not a new thing. The website is a common practice based on the user’s shopping history, search keywords, and clicks.However, in this example, the product of sex underwear does not seem to match my shopping history and search records.So why did Taobao sell this product to me?


One possible reason is that the label is misjudged.When I buy some basic products such as underwear and socks, Taobao’s label system may associate these products with products such as sexy underwear, which mistakenly believes that I am also interested in interesting underwear.In this case, Taobao’s recommendation algorithm will start selling such products to me.

Popular recommendation

Another possible reason is the popular recommendation.If many people are searching and buying sexy underwear, Taobao’s recommendation algorithm is likely to sell such products to all users, not just users who are searching for such products.In this case, I will browse some products on Taobao casually, and will also be promoted to sell products such as sexy underwear.


Now, let’s take a look at how to respond to Taobao’s inexplicable sales of sexy underwear for us.In fact, the response method is simple.First of all, we can make Taobao no longer sell products such as sexy underwear.The method is very direct. Please find the corresponding settings on the Taobao page to cancel the sales of such products.In this way, Taobao will no longer sell us to such products.

Ignore sales

In addition, we can also choose to ignore these sales.Although we think the sales of these interesting underwear are annoying, sometimes we may find some products we are interested in in the market.If we always ignore these sales, we may miss some wonderful products.

Other recommendations

Finally, we can also use other recommendations to find the products we need.For this, Taobao also provides many methods, such as directly searching, viewing the hot listing list, browsing recommended shops, and so on.Through these methods, we are likely to find products that are more suitable for us.

in conclusion

In general, behind the issue of Taobao’s sexual underwear is Taobao’s recommendation algorithm.To solve this problem, we can cancel this type of sales, ignore these sales, or use other recommendation methods.Let us learn to better cope with Taobao’s sales strategy, so as to better enjoy the fun of shopping.

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