Taobao sex lingerie fraud


With the development of e -commerce platforms, the sales of sexy underwear are becoming more and more common. Many sellers on Taobao also sell various sexy underwear.However, some criminals use this market to perform fraud.

Fraud 1: false description

Some sellers will use false pictures and descriptions to sell sexy underwear.For example, they will use the photos of the stars as the product display, or the picture is completely inconsistent with the real object.When you receive the real thing, you will find that it is nothing you want.

Fraud method 2: Low -priced bait

Some sellers will release false discounts and promotional activities to make buyers think they are getting discounts.However, when the buyer receives sexy underwear, the quality is poor and does not match the description, such as color and material that does not match the description.These sellers use the buyer’s greed and curiosity to deceive.

Scam Three: Fictional Evaluation

Some sellers will spend money to invite others or use a robot account to buy their own products, and then write praise to improve the product score and popularity.This will make some buyers who do not understand the situation mistakenly think that the product is well received, but the actual situation may not be the case.

Fraud 4: False after -sales service

Some sellers will promise after -sales service, but they are not actually provided.When buyers need to return or exchange, these sellers will perform various tricks, such as intentionally ignoring information, perfunctory obscurity, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of deception.

How to prevent Taobao sex lingerie fraud?

1. Don’t believe in products with too low price, one penny, one penny;

2. Carefully read the product description and comment, and understand the information, materials, size, quality and other information of the real objects;

3. Select shops with reputation, and can be evaluated through various aspects such as store level, evaluation, and trading volume;

4. Try to choose goods to pay or third -party payment platforms to protect their rights more conveniently.

in conclusion

When buying Taobao sex underwear, you must be alert to various fraud methods.We should strengthen self -protection, buy carefully, and choose reliable sellers, safe payment methods, and proof products.Only in this way can we avoid the risk of being cheated while enjoying a good time.

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