Taobao sex underwear cannot be copied

Why can’t Taobao sex underwear compare with genuine products

With the development of e -commerce, more and more sexual products have appeared on the Internet.However, when many people buy sexy underwear on Taobao, they often find that products and pictures are inconsistent or poor. Why?

Taobao sex underwear existing problems

If you want to get high -quality sexy underwear, consumers need to purchase from professional sexual products or regular underwear brands, and most Taobao shops do not meet this standard.These shops usually do not exceed the standard production technology and materials.They rely on low prices, high profits and simple photos to sell quickly.These erotic underwear usually do not have brand labels, bad odors, inferior materials and low process quality.

Falling underwear material decreases

Of course, cheap sexy underwear is usually made of inferior materials.In the case of low quality, these materials may cause various allergic reactions to your skin.For example, if underwear is made of inferior polyester or acrylic fibers, they will be reduced to an impermeable fold dead object.This will hinder the flow of sweat and water, leading to problems such as urinary retention and inflammation of the urinary system.

There are few sexy underwear styles

Taobao shops usually have only one or two styles.This is far from the diversity of world brands and high -end underwear brands.As we all know, there are rich types of erotic underwear, not only general conjoined and refreshing ordinary types, and concentric patterns of uniforms, but also more trendy lapel -style and accordion. These styles cannot be found on Taobao.

Interest underwear size is not suitable

Regular sexy underwear designers usually include women’s body curves into their considerations, and carefully choose the corresponding size to cut to achieve the best and complex aesthetics.However, Taobao’s sexy underwear often skips this part.Therefore, sexy underwear is often not suitable for consumers’ figure in the size, which will cause the sexy underwear to be unsightly and embarrassing.

Fun underwear accessories single

Sex underwear usually requires a variety of accessories to highlight its special temperament, such as stockings, gloves, tattoo stickers, and so on.However, the sexy underwear of Taobao stores often only provides a single attachment, which will affect the effect of the show of the liquid surface, making the sexy underwear cannot reflect the charm of its "sexy".

Taobao sex underwear is more fake or pirated

When buying sexy underwear or any other items, consumers should carefully judge customer evaluation and store reputation.Many stores selling sexy underwear are fake trademarks, and even unscrupulous stolen from large brands should be sold and selling building blocks.These limited merchants will not invest in any efforts to produce high -quality sexy underwear, because this is against their business nature, which is why they have provided low -end products and fakes for free for a long time.

The private color of sexy underwear is affected

The sexy underwear of Taobao shops is often single, such as black or red sexy underwear, which cannot meet the colorful needs of the color of the underwear.In contrast, high -end underwear brands from all over the world have richer color matching, involving a variety of colors such as rose, retro, gray tone and blue.

Taobao sex underwear cannot be kept secret, privacy transportation

Taobao shop does not pay attention to the confidentiality and privacy communication of private items.This has led many consumers to find that the packaging found that the packaging clearly indicates product information, and even the personal information has not been properly protected, making consumers feel embarrassed and unpleasant.

in conclusion

From these perspectives described above, the sexy underwear of Taobao stores is basically unable to compare with high -end underwear brands.If you want to buy authentic sexy underwear, you still choose a regular sexual product store or underwear store, and be sure to carefully check the quality prerequisites such as size, selected materials, diversified attachments, and privacy packaging.

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