Taobao Top Ten Sexy Underwear Models

Taobao Top Ten Sexy Underwear Models

1. Wang Xue

As an old predecessor in Taobao’s sexy underwear industry, Wang Xue has received extensive attention and praise with years of experience and superb expression skills.Her shape is changeable, and each set of sexy underwear has a unique theme and style, which perfectly shows the charm and sexy of the underwear.

2. Duo Duo

As a professional sexy underwear model, Du Duo has always maintained a beautiful figure and natural expression.Each group of her styles is carefully created, making her sexy underwear more three -dimensional and vivid.

3. Zhao Jing

Zhao Jing is the leader of the Taobao sex underwear industry. Her design style is unique. From details to tailoring, she has reached a perfect level.Zhao Jing is good at using various materials and elements to perfectly combine the sexy and artistic art of the underwear, so that the underwear is not only a simple clothing, but also a spiritual enjoyment.

4. Lin Lin

As a sexy underwear model, Lin Lin is naturally 1st, but more importantly, her confidence and sexy.Her underwear was carefully selected, and each set perfectly highlighted her figure lines and personality charm.

5. Jia Tingting

Jia Tingting is a rookie in Taobao’s sex underwear industry. Her works are full of youthful vitality and fashion elements.She is good at excavating the potential and personalized needs of the market, and makes sexy underwear a more diversified and personalized brand.

6. Zhang Na

Zhang Na is the leader of Taobao’s sexy underwear industry. She knows the material and style of underwear very well, so that each group of underwear has both comfortable fit and beauty.Her underwear can make the wearer feel comfortable, and at the same time full of temptation and sexy.

7. Sun Xiaoyuan

Sun Xiaoyuan’s underwear design ideas are very unique. She incorporates many traditional elements and culture into sexy underwear, creating a variety of unique styles, fully showing women’s charm and internal taste.

8. Lu Qianqian

One of the representative characters in Taobao’s sex underwear industry, Lu Qianqian can always lead everyone to innovative design and fashion performance to form their own underwear trends.Her underwear has the sexy and elegant personality of her underwear, which is very in line with the needs of modern young women.

9. Wei Zhilin

Wei Zhilin is good at using the knowledge of human science, aesthetics, fashion, culture and other aspects to create a group of sexy underwear that can show the charm and body advantages.Her underwear is not only comfortable, but also full of interest and art.

10. Chen Meimei

Chen Meimei is a shiny star in Taobao’s sex underwear circle. Her design style is stylish, bold and confident.Her underwear style and color are very rich, perfectly showing women’s diversity and personalized needs.


Elite -level models in Taobao sex underwear circles show their unique fashion taste and erotic underwear design concepts through each perfect performance and continuous grinding.With the changes in consumer demand, there will be absolute growth and development space in the future sex underwear market.

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