Teacher wears fun underwear and I shame me

Source of the problem

I am a high school student. After school every day, I usually go to the small shop in front of the school to buy something and sit on the roadside.One day, I noticed that a woman walked to the store and she looked familiar.As a result, I found that she was a teacher in our school.

The appearance of sexy underwear

She also wore a sexy sexy underwear.This surprised me, because I think this seems a bit inappropriate.However, I didn’t think too much about this, because I think this is just an episode.

Festival celebration

A few days later is the day when the school celebrates, and each class needs to be sent out.I originally wanted to sign up, but when I found that her name appeared on the list of faculty, I was very excited because I knew I would participate in the event with her.

Meeting and hating the night

Before the event started, I communicated with her.She is very friendly and provides me with many suggestions, making me feel very comfortable.She also asked me if I knew who she was, and I told her that I had seen her in school, but in addition, I didn’t know her.Then she explained the sexy underwear, and she said she liked to wear such clothing.

The occasion is inappropriate

After hearing her explanation, I was more deeply aware that she should not wear sexy underwear in school.This kind of clothing is very inappropriate on some occasions.For example, in school, it may make students feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Women’s choice

Nevertheless, I am not angry or dissatisfied with this.I think women have the right to choose what kind of clothing themselves to wear, as long as they comply with relevant laws and regulations.In this case, her clothing choices did not cause any substantial harm.

Teacher’s role positioning

However, I think teachers should realize their role positioning in school.They are the examples of children and mentors, and their behavior should be based on education and social norms.In other words, they should realize whether their behavior is in line with the values and social moral norms in the school.

Impact on students

Of course, the impact of teachers’ behavior and appearance on students cannot be ignored.Their behavior affects students’ thoughts, emotions and behaviors.If teachers do not comply with school regulations and social value, students will lose their respect and trust in them.This is extremely unfavorable for educators.

Education and freedom

Therefore, I believe that educators need to pay more attention to their clothing and behavior, not only for students, but also to maintain their image.Of course, this does not mean that they should lose freedom or choose, but it means that they should be more cautious when choosing their own clothing and behavior.

Point of view

In short, education is a very important task, which requires educators’ professional knowledge and good behavior.The behavior and dressing of educators should be carried out in a civilized way so that they can establish a good educational image and obtain recognition and trust from students and society.

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