The brand of sex lingerie cloth


As a embellishment of sexy lingerie, it has always been popular.Choosing the right sexy underwear, in addition to the choice of style, the fabric is also very important.Among the many fabric brands, how to choose a good quality, breathable, soft and comfortable fabric?This article will introduce you to the erotic lingerie fabrics of several well -known brands.


Santoemma is a brand that specializes in sexy underwear in Italy.Their fabrics are made of cotton fabric and selected natural fibers.On the basis of ensuring quality, environmentally friendly materials are also used without any pollution.In addition, the fabrics of Santoemma underwear are transmitted, soft, skin -friendly, and elastic, which is very suitable for daily wear and sexual experience.


LyCra fabric is a high -end elastic material and is currently widely used in sexy underwear.LYCRA’s underwear has the characteristics of softness, comfort, skin -friendly, good breathability and fit.This brand’s sexy underwear is very suitable for people with perfect figures, such as models and stars.


Mesh is a mesh fabric, which is often used to make transparent underwear or hollow underwear.Mesh’s underwear is often breathable, light and transparent, which can make the body fully contact the air and feel very comfortable.In sex, Mesh’s transparency and sexy are unique.However, Mesh’s underwear is not suitable for daily wear, which may cause shortening of underwear.


Satin is a super soft material that is often used in the design of sexy underwear.This brand’s underwear has the characteristics of strong brightness and soft touch.In addition, Satin’s underwear is also friendly, which is very suitable for those who are sensitive to the skin.However, SATIN’s underwear is not easy to breathe, and it is swollen to wear.


LACE is a very beautiful fabric. The jewelry -like texture is reminiscent of the gorgeousness of the old era.In the design of sexy underwear, LACE is widely used.This brand of underwear should pay attention to the pursuit of sexy and gorgeousness, and it is very touching and beautiful to wear.LACE underwear is also the best choice for girlfriends gifts.


The FANTASY brand’s underwear fabric is made of environmentally friendly materials.Their products are more innovative, and their prices are relatively close to the people.For those who want to try new sexy underwear, choosing Fantasy is also a good choice.


Pure cotton underwear is favored by the characteristics of environmental protection, breathability, and comfort.Cotton is a well -known brand that produces cotton underwear. Their underwear fabrics are made of cotton and professional treatment technology to give full play to the various advantages of cotton fabric.Cotton’s underwear takes a simple and comfortable route, which is very suitable for daily wear.


SILK is a very well -permeable fabric. Underwear fabrics use it mainly because it has the characteristics of natural, soft and comfortable.It is characterized by warm, smooth, soft and delicate, light and smooth nature, good skin, good breathability, and excellent insulation and warmth.However, this brand of underwear is more delicate and easy to damage. Washing should be very careful.


Nylon fabric is a high -strength synthetic fiber material. The underwear is very soft and comfortable, and has strong elasticity and toughness.Nylon’s fabric also has the characteristics of good breathability, good abrasion resistance, and easy cleaning.Its underwear is very good in terms of comfort and texture.


Polyester’s underwear is a common type of civilian underwear for Volkswagen consumers.This brand’s sexy underwear is made of environmentally friendly materials, and quality assurance is guaranteed.Correspondingly, the price of POLYESTER underwear is relatively close to the people, and the cost is relatively high.It is characterized by fine texture, comfortable feel, and high cost.


The above is the introduction of some well -known brands of sexy lingerie cloth. Different fabric underwear has different advantages and disadvantages in sex or daily use. Therefore, when choosing, you should choose according to your needs and physical conditions.The most important thing is that in addition to choosing good fabrics, underwear wearing and maintenance methods are also important. Pay attention to checking the quality, breathability, softness, and suitable size of the underwear.

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