The freshman beauty wears sexy underwear

Paragraph 1: Introduction

On the university campus, it is not a novelty to wear sexy underwear.However, as a college student, should you know how to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?This article will share with you how to choose the right sexy underwear about how the beautiful girls should be able to wear confidence and beauty.

Section 2: Choice of the Bra

First, it is very important to choose a bra.For the girls, the chest may not be mature, so you can choose some bras with thin cups or steel rings.This allows the chest to breathe more naturally without affecting the health of the chest.For girls with better breasts, they can choose more supportive styles, such as full cups or two -thirds cup types with steel rings, which can improve the plump chest and more sexy.

3rd paragraph: choice of bottom pants

The choice of bottom pants is also a very important part.Girls in the freshman usually need to choose a breathable and comfortable fabric, such as cotton or silk fabrics.For girls who like to wear skirts, they can choose T -shaped pants or briefs, so as to avoid card marks.

Fourth paragraph: color matching

Color matching is also an important factor affecting the beauty of sexy underwear.For girls with white skin tone, they can choose bright colors, such as pink, purple and other colors.For girls with dark skin tone, you can choose some dark series, such as black, blue and other tones.Of course, if you like it, you can also choose your favorite color to make yourself more confident.

Fifth paragraph: style selection

Different people have different aesthetic concepts, so the choice of style varies from person to person.If you like cute styles, you can choose some sexy underwear decorated with elements such as bow, ruffled edges; if you like sexy styles, you can choose more protruding styles such as ultra -thin and transparent.Of course, the most important thing is to suitable for your body and temperament to make yourself more confident.

Section 6: Material selection

The material of sexy underwear is also very important, which will not only affect comfort, but also affect the aesthetics of clothing.For some girls who are easy to be allergic, cotton or inorganic fibers should be selected.For girls who prefer light fabrics, they can choose silk or artificial silk materials.

Seventh paragraph: size selection

The correct size selection is equally important.You know, the fun underwear of different brands is different, and appropriate trials and comparisons need to be appropriate.It is recommended to try it on when choosing a sexy underwear to ensure the most suitable size.Because the appropriate size has an important impact on both aesthetic and comfort.

Eighth paragraph: fashion match

If you want to wear a sense of fashion, you can work hard.For example, you can match the sexy underwear into inside, with a shirt or jacket, and wear a necklace or bracelet on the outside.Of course, this requires a certain fashion matching consciousness and aesthetic ability.

Section 9: Maintenance

Correct maintenance can extend the life of underwear and maintain good hygiene.It is recommended to clean and dry in time after each wear to avoid accumulating stains and bacteria for a long time.In addition, avoid folding and squeezing when storing underwear, so as to maintain its original shape and characteristics.

Paragraph 10: Conclusion

In short, in the process of choosing sexy underwear, we must fully consider your body and temperament, and choose the style and size that suits you best.Appropriate fashion matching and correct maintenance methods can make sexy underwear more beautiful and comfortable.

Finally, more importantly, we must be confident and wear your own beauty and charm!

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