The hostess is forced to wear a novel of sexy underwear

Selection of sex underwear

Several types of sexy underwear are divided into several categories, such as sexy underwear, perspective underwear, improving underwear, uniform temptation, etc. Each sex underwear has its special charm and application.Therefore, it is important to choose the right sexy underwear.

The heroine is forced to wear sexy underwear

Story background: The heroine is wearing ordinary underwear, and the willful boyfriend is dissatisfied. She forcibly stuff the sexy underwear to the heroine and ordered the heroine to wear it.

Sexy tights

In order to add sexual interests, choosing sexy underwear is a common choice.It is important to choose a sexy tights, which is more conducive to rendering the atmosphere and enhanced interest.

Perspective underwear

In terms of sexy underwear, see -through underwear is often regarded as a more passionate and exposed choice.However, this underwear is actually just to add freshness.Using properly, with its unique design, see -through underwear can fully show the beauty and sexy of women.

Black leather whip training set

In terms of sexy underwear, the leather tuning suit is another very popular dress.This dress allows you to completely control each other and strengthen the creation and shaping of gender characters.Therefore, many people try to own it as an independent form and better discover their sexuality.

Fish net socks

Fish net socks are a very special style in sexy underwear.They can enhance emotional irritation and sexy atmosphere.For women, when using these underwear in bed, the effect seen by the naked eye can fully enrich the emotions of the other party and satisfy themselves.

Lace underwear

For those who want to simply enjoy sexuality, choosing a comfortable and beautiful lace underwear is a very good choice.This underwear allows people to have a direct physical contact and intimacy, and then better achieve emotional approach.

Advantages to use sex underwear

Using sexy underwear is a great way that allows the partner to better feel each other, and therefore enrich the sexual and erotic methods and methods.If you carefully consider using sexy underwear when choosing, then it can bring endless fun to you and your partner.


Even very traditional people can try sexy underwear, because they may be one of the most helpful and vivid strategies in the process of sex.Therefore, when you discover some valuable benefits from sex underwear, please try to apply it correctly to your life to get the greatest extent.

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