The love underwear bought online is not washed

The reason for choosing to buy sexy underwear online

Recently, I watched some fashion magazines, which introduced some sexy sexy underwear, which made me interested.But buying in a physical store is a bit embarrassed, so I chose to buy it online.

The convenience of buying sexy underwear online

It is very convenient to buy sexy underwear online, and it is not as troublesome to go to the physical store.Just turn on the computer or mobile phone, you can easily buy the product at home, and the delivery address is also very flexible.

The surprise after receiving the affectionate underwear

When I received the package and opened it, I was really surprised.This sexy underwear is exquisite and sexy, which is very suitable for my figure.I tried it to penetrate it right away, feeling very comfortable and confident.

There is no risk of washing sex underwear

But I did not think that there was no risk of this sexy underwear.I was so excited that I started wearing it directly.This is actually wrong, because the newly purchased sexy underwear needs to be cleaned to wear first.

Cleaning the necessity of sexy underwear

In the process of production and manufacturing, sexy underwear needs to use chemicals, and ingredients and materials do not necessarily meet our skin.Therefore, they need to be cleaned to avoid causing allergies or adverse reactions.

How to clean the newly bought sexy underwear

Washing the sexy underwear is very simple. Just soak it with warm water and a cleaner, rub it a few times, and rinse it with water.

Not suitable for machine washing

It should be reminded that do not clean it with a washing machine.The material of the sexy underwear is relatively fine and requires hand washing.Otherwise, it will cause sexual underwear deformation, ball or twist.

Why cleaning sexy underwear alone

Interest underwear is not just an ordinary underwear, it contains more emotional and sexy elements.Therefore, it is not suitable for cleaning with ordinary clothes, nor is it suitable for drying on a rack.Need to treat it special.


During the cleaning process, you need to ensure that the amount of water is sufficient, so as not to use the cleaning agent to remain in the material.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the softness of the material. Do not use a hard brush or scissors to cut off the line head.

in conclusion

In short, it is very important to buy sexy underwear first.Otherwise it will affect our health and comfort.At the same time, the cleaning process also needs to pay attention to details to ensure the quality and softness of the material.If it is not used directly, it is possible to make our expectations be unexpected.

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