The office wears a sexy lingerie picture

The office wears a sexy lingerie picture

In the office, wearing sexy underwear is the norm, especially the sexy underwear.Opening up and sexy underwear can make it easy to get toiletting, which is particularly important for women.However, what kind of opening and sexy underwear to choose in office venues still needs to be noticed.Next, let’s take a closer look at how to wear a sexy lingerie map in the office venue.

1. Select the right size and fabric

When choosing to open the stall sex underwear, pay attention to whether the size is appropriate. Wearing inappropriate sizes will affect the comfort, and it is also easy to affect blood circulation.At the same time, choose fabrics with good breathability and high comfort to avoid discomfort after sweating.

2. Don’t be too bright in color

In the office, the color selection should avoid too brightly open -stall sex underwear, which will make people feel uncomfortable, especially in formal meetings or business negotiations, it is even more inappropriate.

3. Disposal replacement

When traveling on a business trip, it is necessary to replace it for a spare time. You can choose the relatively low -key and high comfortable opening sexy lingerie.In addition, it should be noted that the number of selections should be reasonably selected according to the travel time and itinerary.

4. Cooperate with dress

Wearing it is the key. How to match the sexy underwear with other clothing also needs to pay attention to it.Avoid the exposure of the chest or the visual effect is too sexy, so as not to affect the office atmosphere, and you need to consider how to wear it with your own profession.

5. Pay attention to the washing method

Washing open sexy underwear is also skillful. Washing bags and other tools are used to protect the details of the opening and zipper, and use an appropriate amount of detergent and mild methods to clean it to maintain the comfort of long -term use.

6. Check the opening at any time

When wearing a sexy underwear, check whether the opening position is abnormal at any time, so as not to have a short discomfort or other embarrassing conditions. You need to pay attention to keeping comfort and elegance at all times.

7. The opening design should be appropriate

When choosing to open the stall, you should pay attention to whether the design is appropriate and whether it can be easy to go to the toilet quickly, so as not to cause inconvenience or embarrassment.

8. Space is enough

The design of the sexy underwear requires sufficient space, which is reasonable, easy to wear, ensure comfort and hygiene.Pay attention to this detail when buying.

in conclusion:

In short, it is not difficult to wear a sexy underwear in the office space, but to pay attention to details and abide by some basic rules.Choose the appropriate opening of the gear, match the appropriate clothing, and choose the appropriate occasion at the same time to allow us to complete our work on the basis of comfort, confidence and thoughtfulness.

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