The office wears a sexy underwear picture

Introduction: The application of sexy underwear in the office

In today’s society, sexy underwear is no longer just looking for sex toys, and it has become a symbol of fashion and independent women.Women like to wear sexy underwear to show their charm and confidence.However, for many people, wearing erotic underwear is not necessarily just on the bed, they can also wear in the office.This article will explore several pictures and styles of sexy underwear in the office.

Style 1: Sexy and cute

This style is usually based on the design of lace, texture and lace, and the colors are relatively elegant.The opening part uses cute patterns or color processing, adding some innocent feelings.This kind of sexy underwear is often regarded as an ideal choice for office sexy underwear, especially for some women who pursue cute and feminine.

Style two: simple and elegant

Contrary to sexy and cute, this style will pay more attention to light luxury and elegance, often using black or pearl and white as the main color.It is also often equipped with hip pads to maximize the beauty of women.As a simple and elegant sexy underwear, it can not only show the beauty and self -confidence of women in the office environment, but also avoid the too fancy sexy style, which is more suitable for business occasions.

Style three: sexy and not explicit

Some mature women often do not like to wear overly and exposed sexy underwear in the office.For them, sexy underwear with a shielding effect has become a very good choice.For example, the sexy lingerie of high -necked, long -sleeved or trousers can be exposed too much while ensuring sexy, nor will women lose self -esteem while getting sexy.

Style 4: Elegant hollowout

Cleaning is a very special design that allows women to strengthen temperament and charm while maintaining sexy.This sexy underwear is mostly made of lace, metal shreds or lace.It is suitable for women, and they want to show elegance and sexy instead of boldness in the office environment, thus perfectly show their femininity.

Style 5: Classic silk texture

This erotic underwear usually uses silk and satin materials and combines with perspective and hollow design.Its appearance is usually similar to ordinary office clothing, but it is full of sexy and charm.This kind of sexy underwear is very suitable for wearing on business meetings and other occasions, which will not be too conservative nor too sexy.

Style 6: sexy underwear with sequins or beads

For women who do not like basic erotic underwear, the design of sequins or beads may be a good choice.The main feature of this sexy underwear is exquisite, gorgeous, and shiny, which is why it is very suitable for wearing party, dinner or other social occasions.However, it should be noted that wearing such a sexy underwear in the office environment may look a bit too public and inappropriate.

Style Seven: Interesting underwear with leather decoration

This sexy underwear is mainly based on leather, usually black.It is suitable for women who like to break the rules and seek happiness and stimulation, but compared to other types of sexy underwear, wearing this kind of dress in the office environment is a bit inappropriate.Therefore, when choosing this type of sexy underwear, you must consider it carefully.

Style eight: full transparent sexy underwear

Full transparent sexy underwear is usually made of mesh and transparent materials.Of course, the purpose of this sexy underwear is to highlight the sexy and playful side, so wearing in the office is likely not to be suitable.If you really want to try this sexy underwear, it is better to wear a party or special occasion at night.

Style Nine: Interesting underwear with a sleeve design

The biggest feature of this sexy underwear is the design of a suit, that is, there are alternatives to pants or socks in the leg area.The design of the sleeve can provide additional support effects and emphasize the curve beauty of the legs. This design is most suitable for women with tights or skirts.This kind of sexy underwear should be very careful when wearing in the office, because it may look a little uncomfortable and ugly when sitting down.

Style 10: Fairy underwear decorated with tassel decoration

If you want to show your wild side on some special occasions, it is a good choice to have a failed underwear with tassel decoration.This sexy underwear can increase your personality charm and make you more eye -catching at party and other occasions.However, it should be noted that wearing such clothing in the office is inappropriate.


When choosing a sexy underwear in the office, you need to consider the curve of the body, the texture of the material, the softness of the fabric, the climate and occasion.In short, the most important thing is to maintain self -esteem, self -confidence, respect the feelings of yourself and others, and comply with the different needs of the occasion and culture.

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