The twelfth sex underwear show

Paragraph: Opening Frequent

As the public’s demand for sexy underwear is getting higher and higher, the sex lingerie industry has become a perfect combination of fashion and creativity.This underwear is suitable for all types of people, whether men or women, or age.Today, we have ushered in the twelfth sex underwear show.Now, please be more suitable for your position, ready to welcome the joy and shock we prepared by us.

Section 2: Welcome everyone

First of all, I want to represent the designers of all the sexy underwear brands to extend your hottest welcome and sincere thanks to you.Thank you for each guest to participate in this year’s underwear show and share your interest and love for sexy underwear with us.Tonight’s event provides us with a unique opportunity, letting you see these beautiful and unique designs unprecedented display.

Section 3: Theme of this year

The theme of this year’s underwear show is "sexy upgrade".Our designers are committed to creating the most sexy and eye -catching sexy underwear, so that women dare to express themselves, have more confidence, and show their charm.These sexy underwear can not only give women more power and confidence, but also make men feel more stimulus and surprises.

Fourth paragraph: diverse materials

The materials used in erotic underwear are a part of our designers who pay much attention to and valued in design.Different underwear types use different materials, which play a vital role in sexy and comfortable.In the performance of tonight, you will see various types of sexy underwear of various types and colors. They will use different materials, including silk, satin, lace, gauze, and leather.

Fifth paragraph: various styles

In the integration of the cultural and fashion trends of this year, our designers have developed a variety of different styles and styles, covering the classics and simplicity to modern and fashionable styles.On the underwear show tonight, you will see a variety of styles such as BABYDOLL, lace bra and briefs, a full set of conjoined, open crotch jumpsuits, toy sexy underwear, and various character playing sexy underwear.

Section 6: Music and Dance

Music and dance have always been an essential element of our underwear show, and this year is no exception.Each set of sexy underwear will be paired with the dance performances of carefully selected music and professional dancers.Dancers’ unique choreography and performances will make you feel more realistic sexy underwear shows and stimulate more sensory stimuli.

Seventh paragraph: model and makeup

The important element of sexy lingerie show is the models and makeup of our performance. They will match our sexy underwear design to present you a perfect display.Our models are selected from all over the world. They have different figures and attitudes, and they show every set of sexy underwear.

Paragraph eighth: designer played in person

This year our designers have some special plans.They will show you the sexy underwear they make on this stage.This is the embodiment of their attitude and determination to present the best design to everyone, and it is also part of the 12th sex lingerie show.

Section 9: Participate in interactive links

We have some interesting interactive links for everyone to participate in it. You will have the opportunity to get a lottery to get our most popular sexy underwear set, and in -depth exchanges with our underwear models and take a group photo.

Tenth paragraph: Contact us

Thanks to everyone who came to participate in our twelfth sex underwear show for such enthusiasm and support to provide us with endless power.If you are interested in our brand or product after this show, please contact our sales team or enter our official website to get more information.

Viewpoint: Fun underwear is no longer limited to private toys between couples. It is a fashionable product that allows women to exude confidence and charm, and to make men find new passion and surprise.The future of sexy underwear will become better.

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