Thin Love Funny Underwear Show 2018


In the field of fashion, underwear always occupies an important place.It is not only about our health and comfort, but also adds female charm.In recent years, sexy underwear has also become a fashion trend pursuing the public. It not only has beauty, but also highlights the sexy and mysterious women.

Thin Love Funny Underwear Show 2018

In 2018, the trend of sexy underwear is mainly based on the two themes of "sexy" and "dream", and the most popular styles are undoubtedly thin -mesh -sexy underwear.

Sexy style

Sexy style is one of the themes of sexy underwear. During the design style, the design of deep V, U or triangular types is used to make the chest more prominent. At the same time, the curve of the waistline and hips is perfectly presented.The thin fabric can outline the perfect body of women, and at the same time, in the dim light, it adds mysterious charm.

College style

It is very different from the sexy style that the college -style sexy underwear pays more attention to the ladylike temperament. With the corresponding skirt or high -waisted shorts, the overall gas field is very elegant.The addition of thin fabrics has quietly incorporated the sexy factors into the design of the college style, adding a sense of complexity of girls, leaving a deep impression.

Play style

The fun -style sexy underwear design is diverse, which is more suitable for girls who like to try new things.The thin fabric can wear an unintentional casual feeling. Add some elements such as lace or lace to match, so the design is simple and interesting, but it is not fashionable.

Sweet style

Sweet -style sexy underwear design elements are mainly based on blue and pink. Whether it is small fresh, fresh and cute style, or elegant flower style, it is suitable for skirts or shorts.The combination of thin fabrics and sweet styles increases the softness of women and create a sweet atmosphere.

Sports style

The sports -style erotic underwear focuses on comfort and sportiness. It is mostly solid or black and white color matching. It is not fancy design, but the thin fabric increases a certain sexy change. Such a design is very suitable for vibrant girls.I want to show a sexy side in exercise.

Charming style

The charming design is mainly black or red as the main color, focusing on the sexy and body curve of women.Mixed thin fabrics not only highlight the protrusion of the chest, but also make the waist and hip curves more charming. The body lines and temperament of the whole person are perfectly displayed.

classic black

In the design style of sexy underwear, black is a classic in classics, which perfectly interprets the combination of sexy and dark.In the design style of thin fabrics, black sexy underwear is more romantic.Wearing it on a proper occasion, like a black swan, is different and noble and elegant.

Light -colored

Light -colored sexy underwear has also been favored by women in recent years, because they are more tender and sweet, and it is easy to match.The addition of thin -threaded design elements will add a little charming and elegance to it.


The dark color lingerie is different from the light colors. They are more keen on color such as black or dark red, which can show the sexy charm of women.The thin design sense, coupled with the tight style, highlight the perfect body shape of women, so that people will immediately produce a adrenaline frenzy in their hearts.

Fashion Women’s Secret Weapons

In short, sexy underwear is one of the secret weapons in the field of women’s fashion. It can not only set out the sexy and temperament of women, but also create the self -confidence and charm they want from the inside.And adding thin elements to the design, whether it is sexy, dreamy, sweet, college, or charming, classic, add another very different fashion atmosphere to these styles of sexy underwear.

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