Try to wear sex underwear novel fragments

Try to wear sex underwear novel fragments

She walked into this sexy clothing store, hoping to find something fresh to change her past bland life.At first she felt a little shy, and did not touch these courage to wear sexy and enthusiastic clothes or try to wear sexy underwear.

At first glance

She continued to browse, and then saw a set of black lace sexy underwear, shining soft light, and it looked very gorgeous and sexy under the light.Such a design was never seen before, so she tried to touch it to see the texture.At this time, the sales lady came over and smiled to introduce her style and characteristics of this set of sexy underwear.

Try to accept

She slowly tried to wear it, feeling very sexy and attractive.But at the same time, she also felt some embarrassment and uncomfortable.She is not used to wearing such sexy clothes, but she feels that it is a change she needs.She began to work hard to accept this kind of herself.

Reflecting her charm

She walked in front of the mirror and saw herself in the mirror. The black sexy underwear was really suitable for her, reflecting her charm and sexy.She started to relax and enjoy this beauty and confidence.

Pink theme

The next set of sexy underwear is a pink -themed suit with a large number of lace and satin design.She tried to wear it and felt a soft and warm color and atmosphere.This sexy underwear made her feel comfortable and comfortable, and she began to produce a woman’s beauty and confidence.

Chest highlight

Next is a set of sexy lingerie with a chest of chest. It has a special design that makes the chest full and plump.She tried to wear it, feeling very sexy and attractive.She said to the Sales Miss that this set of sexy underwear is very suitable for her figure.

The combination of red and black

This is a set of red and black combinations, with exquisite decoration and design. It is very suitable for party or special occasions.She tried to wear it, feeling very good and moving.She decided to buy this set of sexy underwear and add some changes to her life.

Feel beauty and confidence

In the process of trying to penetrate these sexy underwear, she gradually felt beauty and confidence.She began to accept her body and feelings, and found that sexy and beauty do not need the recognition of others, but her inner experience.

in conclusion

Trying sexy underwear is a very interesting and useful thing, it can help you change your external image and internal feelings.You will be more confident, more attractive, and enjoy life.Try to wear sexy underwear to make yourself feel the power of beauty and confidence.

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