Tune you to wear fun underwear videos online

Tune you to wear fun underwear videos online

Interest underwear has become a choice for many women’s pursuit of fashion and sexy.Putting them can increase self -confidence and self -esteem, and at the same time stimulate passion and creativity.However, the error or improper use of erotic underwear may cause our appearance to appear improper effect, and even more, it may reduce our sexual attractiveness.To help you use sexy underwear correctly, continue to read the following article.

Choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you

For novices, when choosing sexy underwear, you must choose a style that suits you.If you are a stout woman, don’t choose a tight -fitting style, clearly see the size manual, choose the size of the body that can just cover the body, don’t be too tight or loose.If you are a thin woman, you can choose open styles such as exposed chest, hip, slender shoulder straps.

Choose a sexy lingerie fabric that suits you

When you are elected to buy sexy underwear, you must not only consider its style, but also need to consider its fabric factors.Different fabrics have different functions and effects.Similarly, you need to consider the thickness and elasticity of sexy underwear in order to determine whether it is suitable for wearing on different occasions.

Consider the design of the lower hem, crotch and back straps

The design of the hem, crotch and back straps on the sexy underwear will affect its comfort.Low sexy underwear can increase more sexy atmosphere, but it may also make you feel uncomfortable.High -schola underwear is more suitable for ordinary days.The crotch is the most negligent part of the sexy underwear.Pay attention to whether the bottom or crotch can reduce potential unnecessary wrinkles.Of course, you also need to choose a back strap with a suitable width to avoid back swelling and tingling.

Learn to wear sexy underwear correctly

When you wear sexy underwear yourself, you will definitely adjust according to your preferences, outlines and occasions.The little trick to correctly wear underwear is to adjust the hem and crotch first, then adjust the strap on the back, and finally adjust the shoulder strap. This is because the shoulder strap needs to support the chest, so the size is particularly important.

Reconstruction of sexy underwear

If you want to wear other clothing after wearing a sexy underwear, you can try to combine sexy underwear and other clothing.For example, the selection of sexy underwear with a strong sense of transparency or lace texture is to choose a combination of briefs with a bun -hip yellow skirt or lace skirt. The seemingly sexy is not very exposed, suitable for day gathering or dating occasions.If you want to show sexy but not so gorgeous sexy underwear, you can choose simple lightweight underwear and small vests.

Falling underwear maintenance

Sex underwear needs to be maintained frequently.You need to separate underwear and wash with water and soap or other professional detergents instead of using washing machines.Excessive rotation may damage the fiber and accessories, causing the underwear to lose its original feeling and quality.Without a dryer, it is very hand -made or using a cold wind dryer to completely dry the underwear.

Learn to choose sexy underwear and become more confident

The carefully purchased sexy underwear can make you feel beautiful and confident when wearing them.They can enhance your personal charm and let you shine in dating and party.Learn to choose sexy underwear and become more confident.

Try more, face it calmly

Don’t feel shy or uncomfortable when you put on sexy underwear.Try different styles and colors to find the one that suits you.You will find that each style has its own beauty and uniqueness. As long as you persist, you will face it calmly.

In short …

Wearing sexy underwear can not only increase self -confidence and self -esteem, but also stimulate passion and creativity.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose the style, fabric and size that suits you.Learn to wear sexy underwear correctly, with other clothing and maintenance underwear.The most important thing is that you try more and face it calmly. You will find the beauty and uniqueness you find.Believe in yourself and believe in your choice.

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