Use a rope to make fun underwear videos online

The use of rope to make sexy underwear is a special way to show personal charm and uniqueness, and at the same time, it can also increase the fun of fun life.This article will introduce how to make sex underwear in detail from the aspects of material selection, production tools, steps, precautions, style selection, wearing skills, etc.

Choose a rope material

The selected rope materials must be soft, elastic, and do not damage the skin. You can choose cotton rope, real silk rope, leather rope, etc.Materials such as chemical fiber rope and metal rope are not only difficult to design beautiful and soft curves, but also to build traces can also hurt the skin.When choosing a rope material, you need to pay attention to choose the bright colors or flash effects. This design can look more bright under the light of the room.

Prepare to make tools

In addition to rope materials, the required production tools include scissors, measuring ruler, rope clips and other tools.Before starting, make sure that all the tools you need are ready, so that it will not be interrupted during the production process.

Selected design style

In terms of design style, you can choose to try from simple and direct single -rope style, or challenge complex mesh structure styles.The rope style can be generous and natural, and it can also be designed as a more attractive change curve. The specific design style depends on personal aesthetics and ability to control rope.

Make rope layout

Before starting to make ropes, design and planning need to be made to see the length of the required ropes and how to connect them into a complete design.In order to ensure that the production is correct, you can design sketches on the paper to facilitate the operation in the production process.

Make rope

The key to the success or failure of the production process lies in details.When making, you need to shoot the required ropes firmly together and entangle it firmly. At the same time, pay attention to the correct handling of the position of each rope, the arc and curvature of the generatedevaluation of.In this way, the ropes made can be perfect.


Making rope design requires certain skills, but adopting some tips can improve the speed and quality of production.If the rope can be tied with the body, the production will be smoother, because it can be positioned and difficult through obtaining more positions.

Wearing skills

Although hand -made sexy underwear has a great advantage in design, there may be some problems during wearing.Individual places may need to be adjusted to adapt to the body curve. Like clothes, sexy lingerie accessories may also need to be replaced with more comfortable versions to ensure that they can be worn longer.


When making sexy underwear, there are also many matters that need to be paid attention to.It is important to note that after completing the rope production, it is necessary to ensure the details generated in place, and pay attention to the ropes made without burrs and damage, so as not to cause damage to the skin when wearing.

Making erotic underwear with a rope can make people’s body line more prominent, and it can also increase the atmosphere and fun of the room.However, it should be noted that in the process of production, you need to be proficient in the feel, and at the same time, you must do a good job of wearing and maintenance on the basis of production. Otherwise, you may be ashamed to wear out.

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