Use a rope to make sexy underwear women

Use a rope to make sexy underwear women

Interest underwear and sexy underwear have become a fashion, and they can make women feel confident, sexy and beautiful.However, if you are looking for a novel and interesting way to increase the charm of sexy underwear, it is a very interesting way to use a rope to make sexy underwear.This underwear is very creative and suitable for those couples who want to pursue uniqueness and intimate relationships.In this article, you will introduce you to how to use ropes to make sexy underwear (hereinafter referred to as sexy underwear), so that you will greet the male god more intimately and confidently.

1. Buy rope

First, buying the right rope is very important.Choose a soft rope to avoid scratching the skin or causing discomfort.In addition, you need to choose the appropriate material according to your preferences and needs, such as cotton, hemp, silk, nylon, etc.It is best not to use elastic ropes, because they will straighten and cannot maintain the correct shape.

2. Measurement size

Before starting to make sexy underwear, you need to accurately measure your body size.This can ensure that the length and shape of the rope are suitable for your body.Remember, if the rope is too loose or too tight, it will cause unnecessary discomfort and pressure.

3. Make underwear

To make sexual panties, you need to wrap the rope around the waist and fix it with a button.From then on, you can wrap the rope, pass it through the area between your legs, and finally tighten it.This line can create a clear V shape between your legs, thereby increasing your charm.

4. Make bra

To make a sexy bra, the diagonal line needs to be pressed on the chest, and then wrapped around the back.You need to ensure that the rope will not slide or too tight to avoid discomfort.Use beautiful knots when the rope is wound to increase the appeal of appearance.

5. Fixed arms

To make a fixed rope of the arm, you need to wrap the appropriate length rope to the arm and bypass it.In the back position, you can tie the rope into a beautiful knot to fully reflect its beauty and shape.

6. Toe Ring

Toe pendant is a unique jewelry that makes your toes more memorable.Optional presses or flesh -colored style, you can wear it at night or during the day.For the best effect, it is recommended to choose a pair of high heels or other sexy shoes to match.

7. Unified shape

It is very important to make a full -style sexy underwear with a unified style.You can choose sexy underwear of different colors and different shapes, but you must ensure that all ropes have a unified color and shape.This can increase the overall beauty and make you more attractive.

8. Security issues

When making sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to safety issues.Please make sure that the rope is not deducted to the skin, especially the sensitive parts.If you feel any discomfort, stop using sexy underwear immediately.

9. Tips

Making sexy underwear requires certain skills and exercises.Before starting production, you can try some basic skills and try different shapes and rope methods.This allows you to master your skills more and get better results.

10. Summary view

Use ropes to make sexy underwear not only increase the intimate relationship between couples, but also make women confident, sexy and beautiful.How to make sexy underwear?Measure your size, choose the correct rope and material, make sexual panties, bra, arm fixing rope, etc., keeping its style coordination.Practice and mastering skills can help you make charming sexy underwear, try this unusual way to make your underwear more creative and unique charm.

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