Use the old cloth for sexy underwear

Use the old cloth for sexy underwear

We usually choose to discard or donate for the elimination or damaged clothes, but in fact, these clothes still have many innovative use methods.For example, using them to make erotic underwear, not only can we save our spending on exquisite erotic underwear, but also enjoy the sense of accomplishment of handmade DIY when enjoying charming and sexy.Below, let’s take a look at how to use old cloth for sexy underwear.

1. Collect the old cloth

To make sexy lingerie, the first task is to collect old cloths, which can be idle clothes, sheets, curtains, etc.It is better to choose good maintenance, soft and comfortable texture, and it is better if there are special patterns or patterns.According to your own body shape, the number of fabric collected reasonably is to avoid being too short or not enough.

2. Select the right style

Making sex underwear needs to be sensitive to different styles, and different styles are suitable for women of different body types.When choosing, you can learn from some color matching or style inspiration, such as the design of some well -known brands, or the style of some stars.

3. Prepare making tools

To make sexy underwear, it is necessary to prepare basic tools such as scissors, needle wires, ruler, rope and other basic tools, and ensure that these tools are clean and tidy.At the same time, you can also prepare some needles for positioning, so as not to match the size.

4. Implement measurement and tailoring

To measure and cut the old cloth through various tools, this process not only requires skills, but also needs to be alert to pay attention to the size.Common erotic underwear is tight, so be sure to ensure that the cutting size is fitted with the body lines, not too tight to the skin, and also ensure that it will not shake or loosen to achieve a comfortable and beautiful effect.

5. Sewing fabric

After preparing to complete the fabric, you can start sewing.Because different styles of stitching are also different, you need to pay special attention to the sewing position and sewing order to ensure the strengthening of the fabric in the process.After each sewing, you also need to check whether it will cause friction or small problems to solve it in time.

6. Add decoration

After completing the sewing of basic fabrics, decorative adding can be added, which is also a necessary step to improve sexy sexy underwear.By adding some bright diamonds, earrings, lace, etc., the sexy underwear can become more eye -catching.

7. Try to adjust adjustment

After most of the DIY processes are completed, trying on is a very important step.This process needs to make full use of the posture and make subtle adjustments to the clothes to improve the overall dressing experience on the basis of ensuring comfort and health.

8. Complete work

After 8 steps in front, finally complete a bright, sexy and interesting DIY sexy underwear.At the same time, this is not just a lingerie, but also the fusion product of the time, energy and experience of girls, let us enjoy the joy of success.

Viewpoint: The use of old cloth to make erotic clothes is an innovative lifestyle, which can not only reflect women’s personality and beauty pursuit of underwear, but also allow women to understand themselves better and re -understand their bodies. This is for women.Self -psychological construction and healthy development are excellent driving forces.

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