Wash the sex underwear

Why do sex lingerie need to be washed?

Interest underwear is a more sexy clothing for women, but this kind of clothing also needs to be washed continuously.The use of sexy underwear must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid infection, prevention from breeding, and extending the service life.

How to choose the washing method?

Different erotic underwear fabrics are different, each material requires different cleaning methods.If you choose the wrong way, the life of sexy underwear will be shortened.Therefore, before washing the erotic underwear, be sure to check and understand its material ingredients, and wash according to the washing guide on the label.

Washing or machine washing with hand?

The advantage of washing the sexy underwear is that it is gentle.However, if you have a tight time or you don’t want to waste your strength, then machine washing is also a good choice.As long as you use the appropriate washing method and choose a mild laundry program, then machine washing of sexy underwear is completely feasible.

How to choose detergent?

For sexy underwear, it is best to use a mild detergent.For example, the pollutant, soft and bleach should be avoided as much as possible because they may damage fabrics.

How to fully clean the sexy underwear?

Before using a detergent, it is best to soak the sexy underwear in a warm soapy water.Then scrub it gently with a soft brush and rinse it with water.Do not use mop to clean sexy underwear, because this will damage its elasticity and quality.

How to get dry and sexy underwear?

The sexy underwear should not be dried, which will cause its fabric to lose elasticity and gloss.The best way is to gently dry it with a towel, and then dry it naturally.

How to store sexy underwear?

The sexy underwear should be placed on the lower level of the wardrobe, do not mix with other clothes.If you want to stack it, you should place anti -dust paper or cotton cloth between each sexy underwear to avoid wear and deformation.Avoid smashing sex underwear with a hanger, because that will cause deformation and stretching.

What is the frequency of cleaning?

Depending on the frequency of personal use.Usually, if you often use sexy underwear, it is best to wash at least once a week.However, if it is a holiday or the frequency of use is not high, the time interval of cleaning can be extended appropriately.

Cleaning the precautions for sexy underwear

When cleaning the sexy underwear, pay attention to avoid using detergents containing bleaching agents.In addition, don’t put the sexy underwear in a dryer or a high -temperature oven to avoid damage.It is best to dry it naturally while avoiding exposure.

in conclusion

Switching underwear cleaning is a relatively complicated problem, but as long as you master the correct cleaning skills and methods, you can easily maintain the life and beauty of sexy underwear, and bring you more fun and fun.

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