Wear sex underwear and underwear and boss car shock

Understand the different types of love underwear and underwear

Interest underwear and panties are a specially designed adult fashion product. Its style can be roughly divided into the following categories:

Sexy lingerie

Open crotch sex panties

SM sexy underwear

Rest up sexy underwear

Interesting role -playing suit

Nude and black are the most common colors of sexy underwear, but other colors can also be selected, including blue, purple, red, pink, green and so on.

Choose a sexy underwear and panties that suits you

When you buy sexy underwear, you need to consider some factors, such as:

Your body type: Different underwear is suitable for different figures.

Your skin sensitivity: Some underwear is made of different materials, and you need to find the material that suits you best.

Your personal taste: What style of underwear do you want to buy depends on your personal preference and personality.Some people like sexy underwear, while others prefer a soft style.

How to wear sexy underwear and panties

The method of wearing underwear and panties is usually different from different types of underwear.However, in general, the appropriate method of dressing will make you more comfortable and make your figure more attractive.Here are some useful skills:

Check the product label and confirm how to properly wear the underwear and underwear.

Adjust underwear and underwear according to your body to ensure that your body is suitable for you.

Consider dressing, you need to ensure that wearing underwear and underwear is suitable for showing love to the other person, not too active or too shy.

How to perform a car shock

Car Zhen is one of the special experiences of many people.However, it is important to keep in mind that before the car shock, you need to ensure that some things are ready:

You must choose a safe place: if you look for a place of car shock, then you must find a safe place, which is good for you and your partner.

No one can interfere: When the car is shocked, it is best to maintain privacy.So be sure to find a place where no one is disturbed and make sure that the car window is closed.

Buy rubber -made sex underwear: If you plan to stay in the car for a while, you will not waste time.Rubber -made erotic underwear can prevent YOU’s clothes from soaring, and they are easy to clean.

The correct wearing car shocks sexy underwear and panties

The wearing rules of all kinds of sexy underwear and underwear are different, but when wearing sex underwear and underwear in the car, you need to pay attention to several matters:

Choose underwear for your body: If the underwear is too tight, it will give you unnecessary trouble.In addition, wearing too tight underwear in the car will greatly reduce your comfort.

For car shocks, the restraint of sexy underwear is a good choice: if you want to try some new adventures, then the restraint of sexy underwear is a good choice.However, pay attention to safety, not injured or because the underwear is too tight, the blood circulation is not smooth.

What should I do at the scene of the car shock?

When car shock, you need to do the following things well:

Maintaining safety: Maintaining safety is the most important aspect of car shock and confirms the safety of yourself and his partner.

Ensure enough privacy: Make sure that all doors and windows are closed, and ensure that the surrounding field of vision can be covered at any time.

Use sexy underwear and underwear to improve sex quality: sexy underwear and underwear can make the car shock more exciting.Many erotic underwear underwear can make your sex feel more pleasant and enhance the interactive experience.

How to choose a car that is suitable for you to shock and sexy underwear and panties

Different types of fun underwear and underwear have different functions, so you need to consider the following two problems to choose the underwear that suits you:

Is your sexy underwear and underwear suitable for car shock: different types of sexy underwear and underwear are relatively suitable for different environments and occasions.Try to find sexy underwear or underwear suitable for car shock will make the car shock experience more exciting.

Can you wear it correctly: Different sexy underwear needs different wearable skills, so it is necessary to ensure that you can wear underwear and underwear.

Point of view

It is very private to wear sexy underwear and car shock. Although this may destroy some culture and good habits, it is also a way for us to vent deep emotions.

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