Wear sex underwear GL

Wear sex underwear GL

In fact, sexy underwear is to allow women to show more charm in sex.It is an important part of modern life.One of the sexy underwear, which is particularly popular, is GL.So what is GL underwear?How to wear it?Let me introduce it in detail.

What is GL sexy underwear

GL underwear is actually "Grara underwear".Its unique style is to integrate bras, G-String and lace jackets.It is different from traditional sexy underwear. Its design is more exquisite, and wearing it can show the unique charm and sexy of women.

GL wearable method

GL sexy underwear is also very unique.Put your arms through the braes of the bra, align the middle area of the bra to the chest, buckle the buckle of the bra, and adjust the comfort to put on the bra.Next, the G-String passing through the waist and buckled it.Finally, put on a lace jacket to create a unique sexy shape.

GL sex underwear material

The material of the GL sex lingerie is very fine. It is mainly elastic fabrics such as nylon and spandex, supplemented by lace, silk and other materials.The fabrics it use should meet the principles of physical engineering and have high wearing comfort.

GL sex underwear color

GL sexy underwear is mostly classic colors such as black and white, but some styles are embellished with more bright colors such as fluorescent yellow and fluorescent green.Women can choose their favorite colors according to their preferences and wearing places.

For people

GL sex underwear is suitable for most women, because its style diversity is very high, there are women suitable for large breasts, as well as women who are suitable for smaller busts, etc. Therefore, the applicable population is very wide.

Precautions for selecting GL sex underwear

You need to consider your body first to buy GL sexy underwear. Choose a suitable underwear for you to wear sexy effects.At the same time, you need to choose the right color, and you need to wear different colors of underwear.Materials are also very important. You need to choose breathable, comfortable and healthy fabrics.In addition, pay attention to details, such as see if the buttons of the underwear are firm, whether the line head is handled well, and so on.

The superiority of wearing GL erotic underwear

Women wearing GL erotic underwear can not only show their charm and confidence, but also increase the fun and stimulus of sex.This sexy underwear can not only satisfy you, but also make your partner more like you.

GL sex underwear cleaning method

Washing GL sexy underwear needs to use a mild cleaning solution, and it is not advisable to use too irritating cleaning agents, otherwise it will damage the fabric of the underwear.After cleaning, you need to dry it and place it in a drying position.


GL sex lingerie is a very special kind of sexy underwear. Its unique style, exquisite production, and comfortable dressing make women fully show their charm in sex.Therefore, women can choose a GL sex underwear that suits them to enjoy a more colorful sex life.

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