Wear sex underwear novels with female anchors

Experience between wearing sex underwear and female anchors

As a sexy underwear expert, I was fortunate to know a female anchor and invited her to put on sexy underwear for trial and communication.Below is our experience.

First meet

When I saw this female anchor for the first time, she had already put on a black lace sexy underwear, which surprised me.After seeing my surprise expression, she smiled and said, "Isn’t he surprised? Actually, I like to wear sexy underwear."

Talk about underwear style

We started to talk about different styles of sexy underwear. She told me that she likes to wear lace sexy underwear because lace can make her feel more sexy.And I introduced her to some sexy lingerie styles suitable for all kinds of figure.

Try to penetrate different styles of underwear

Then, I helped her try on some different styles of sexy underwear.When wearing a purple lace sexy underwear, she was very confident about her body and sexy.

Talk about underwear materials

We also discussed the material of sexy underwear. I introduced her to common sexy underwear materials such as silk, lace, grid, etc., and she shared her preferences and experiences of sexy lingerie materials.

Share the experience of buying underwear

Later, we started to share the experience of buying sexy underwear.I recommend some well -known sexy underwear brands to her, and also reminded her to pay attention to the size and quality problems at the time of buying.

Show your own collection

In the end, I showed her my sexy underwear collection, including various colors, styles and materials.She liked my collection very much, and asked me some skills about maintenance and storage of sexy underwear.

Summary experience

The experience of wearing sex underwear with the female anchor this time is very pleasant and meaningful.We shared their love and research on sexy underwear, and enhanced their understanding and friendship.I hope this article can inspire more people’s interest and love for sexy underwear.

Interest underwear can enhance women’s self -confidence

I believe that erotic underwear is not only a way of dressing, but also a prop to show women to show self -confidence and charm.When women wear sexy underwear, they will feel very confident and beautiful, which is very good for women’s psychological and sexual life.Therefore, I hope that more women can try to wear sexy underwear and show their charm and self -confidence.

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