Wear sex underwear picture men outside

Wear sex underwear picture men outside

In the past, sexy underwear was considered a private and hidden thing, but now these underwear can not only be worn in private occasions, but also can be worn outside.This method of dressing is unique, highlighting sexy, confident and independence.For men, wearing sexy underwear is a challenging and innovative choice.In this article, we will explore how to choose and match men’s external wear underwear to show the best charm.

1. Select styles

Before choosing a men’s lingerie, the following factors need to be considered: behavioral occasions and hopes to present the image.Of course, the regular occasion of men wearing sexy underwear is a private moment between couples.However, when you are in some special occasions, such as party or charity dinner, you need to choose a more sultry style, such as light -colored block or hollow mesh design.

2. Material

The types and colors of the selected materials depend on the different occasions of the outside. The popular materials include silk, linen, cotton, cellulose, soft leather and synthetic fiber.Each material has its characteristics. Silk and linen are usually very breathable, while the leather looks rough.In addition, the choice of color is also crucial, especially when choosing the color, it is necessary to consider the color and atmosphere of clothing, and it is more appropriate to choose the color that is similar to your skin.

3. Size

When buying men’s external clothes, accurate sizes are more important. Because the materials are usually personal, too large size or too small will affect the visual effect.The correct size will also show your body curve and confident image.When buying, it is recommended to refer to the size table to avoid affecting the appearance effect due to inconsistent size.

4. Style and matching

Men’s erotic underwear is usually worn as inside, so it is very important to correctly match and create a whole.Choosing proper colors and styles and matched with existing clothing can create a good overall effect.For example, tight jeans or dresses can show a good figure.In addition, it can be combined with appropriate accessories, such as tie or wearing necklaces to highlight personal charm.

5. Pay attention to suitable occasions

Wearing sexy underwear is trendy, but you also need to pay attention to the occasion when using it to avoid being used on excessive formal occasions or workplaces.The sexy underwear itself has a certain sexy meaning. For those who cannot accept this culture, they may seem indecent.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose the right place and occasion.

6. Line or not with the line

You can choose wired and wireless styles to wear sex underwear.The style with lines makes the overall effect more three -dimensional, but it is also easy to produce obvious traces at some wrinkles, which is not convenient to maintain.The appearance of no lines is more flat, and it is more natural, and it is more suitable for people who pay attention to visual aesthetics.

7. Clean maintenance

The cleanliness and maintenance of sexy underwear is a very important link, especially the sexy underwear worn outside.First of all, you need to understand the characteristics of the use of materials, and different materials need to be used to use different washing and maintenance methods.Secondly, wearing sexy underwear is more and more avoided, and it is easy to accumulate stains and bacteria, so it is necessary to clean and disinfect regularly.Finally, in order to maintain the overall appearance, it is necessary to keep and store properly, avoid moisture and heating.

8. Show self -confidence and charm

Men’s erotic underwear is now adopted by more and more people. Therefore, if you want to highlight your charm, you must show his aesthetics and confidence.Choosing appropriate materials and styles, and proper clothing and accessories are necessary ways to show self -confidence and charm.The overall image and temperament often have a profound impact on people.

Viewpoint: Wearing erotic underwear is a more challenging and interesting way of dressing for men, but you need to pay attention to the combination of occasions and overall images.Choosing the right materials and styles, plus appropriate matching and details, will make you look more confident and charm when wearing sexy underwear outside.

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